eal Shusterman’s latest, (out now, Walker) centres on a teenage American football player, who’s… oh right, you’ve lost interest before I mention how he bounces into (out now, Titan) is the latest novel set in a “London not quite like our own” – one split between six magical factions, and on the brink of civil war. Heroine Ilsa is a 17-year-old, shapeshifting Changeling/magician’s assistant. Described as a “dystopian reimagining of ”, Marion Womack’s (out now, Titan) is set on a post-global warming Earth of deep jungles and monstrous animals, where humanity is divided between surface-dwellers and the inhabitants of a ring at the edge of the atmosphere. Another month, yet another Adrian Tchaikovsky book – does the man never sleep? His darkly humorous novella (4 March, Solaris) centres on the last survivor of a Causality War, who has decided to protect time by killing time travellers… Turning to continuing series: Becky Chambers’s series concludes with (out now, Hodder). It sees three alien strangers – a cargo runner, an exiled artist, and a twin – thrown together when a technological failure halts traffic to and from a stopover planet. Finally, Sarah J Maas’s series rumbles on. (out now, Bloomsbury), the fourth full-length entry, centres on heroine Feyre’s sister, the fiery Nesta.

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Tricia Helfer
A Cylon. The exiled wife of God. An Espheni alien queen, and even Spidey’s friend Black Cat. Actress Tricia Helfer has embodied a lot of memorable sci-fi roles in her career, but she’s trailblazing some new ground now as the first woman to tackle pla
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The Spider’s Syndicate Of Crime
RELEASED OUT NOW! Publisher Rebellion Writers Ted Cowan, Jerry Siegel Artist Reg Bunn COLLECTION Billed as “the world’s most sinister crook”, as if he’s some twisted carnival attraction, there’s something uniquely freakish about the Spider, whose ear
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Karloff At Colombia
RELEASED 3 MAY 1935-1942 | 12 | Blu-ray Directors Edward Dmytryk, Nick Grinde, Lew Landers, Roy William Neill Cast Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and loads more BLU-RAY DEBUT The actor christened William Henry Pratt had 80 movies under his belt when he w