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Everybody tells me that consumerism is over and it’s all about experiences now. If so, Simpson Brothers in Cambridgeshire – as well as having a splendidly stocked gun shop – may also have the perfect present for somebody keen on fieldsports. On offer are vouchers for three experiences for novice shooters or people looking to try a different shooting discipline. They are: clay shooting, deer stalking and rifle shooting. All three experiences are run by qualified instructors and conducted on a one-to-one basis.

As you are reading Sporting Gun, I am going to assume that you have used a shotgun. As such, I’m going to focus on the two rifle-based experiences, both run

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Patricks’s Top Tips
• If you’ve not been foxing before, see if someone in your area would be willing to take you out for a session or two to show you the ropes. Most foxers are only too happy to help and there are plenty of online forums. • If you’re not sure if foxing
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Foot Position
The other main aspect of lesson three is foot position and how it affects the shot process. Good foot position can greatly help, as much as poor foot position can impede it. If your foot position is right at the gun hold point, or where the target is