The Futures Market

Not even the short sellers expected Covid-19 to rage on past 2020. Much of the art world was ecstatic last November when big pharma announced the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines. Gallerists, curators, and artists alike began anticipating the resumption of the global cultural roadshow consisting of art fairs, auctions, and biennials. Yet since January, with second, third, and fourth Covid waves hitting countries big and small, those hopeful fantasies, especially for art-fair organizers, have been squashed.

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ArtAsiaPacific2 min de lecture
Lu Yang
From 3D simulations of neurosurgical procedures to video-game avatars for gods of pain, Lu Yang’s eye-searing, pop-culture-inflected multimedia projects are products of the artist’s longstanding research into the nexus of the material and the metaphy
ArtAsiaPacific4 min de lecture
Material Metaphors
The West has long exoticized Asian women, imposing on us the role of a meek, subservient “other.” This fabricated image relegates us as commodities and status symbols up for grabs, much like coveted fine Chinese ceramics. Rooted in Anne Anlin Cheng’s
ArtAsiaPacific5 min de lecture
Min Oh
When American composer John Cage disrupted the historical discourse of Western music in the 20th century by challenging basic assumptions of composition and performance, he precipitated a fundamental reconsideration of musical linguistics. One pillar