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How did the Radical Hope Club come about?

Tiff: It came about off the back of the climate strikes last year in Byron Bay, our local town. We were striking for climate with the school kids. We had our children with us. And at the end of the rally, which was incredible and led largely by the high school students in our area, my ten-year-old had a load of questions about things he’d heard being said. What resonated with him the most was that there were only eleven years left for us to make the changes needed for our planet. He was worried about what’s going to happen if we don’t hit the targets.

I felt really conflicted about how to respond to that. I felt my usual optimism kind of muddied with the reality of what I needed to tell him. So I was talking to Berry on a text later that night. She suggested that we get together and form a circle for the children, which then quickly turned to holding a circle for the mothers. We decided we first had to create a space for us to share our fears and grief before we held a space for the kids. That’s how the Radical Hope Club began.

Berry: I did remember a really

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