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Do The Loop Cut!
Delete the default cube (select it and press Delete), then add a cylinder object (Add>Mesh>Cylinder or Shift+A and then Mesh>Cylinder on the pop-up menu). Note, different types of mesh such as a cube can also have loop cuts applied to them, but we’ll
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Caveat Central
Finding out other people’s secrets is always a fun way to waste time – especially if it doesn’t involve doing anything which is actually illegal. Seeking out self-hosted URL shorteners online is an excellent way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. The se
Linux Format1 min de lectureComputers
Derivatives Of Gentoo
If you’ve tried to install Gentoo and you are still waiting for the compile, you should know that you have alternatives. Depending on your requirements, there are many options for how to access the full power of Gentoo while reducing some of the init