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About the author… Melissa Broder

She lives in Los Angeles and is a poet and writer. As @sosadtoday, she has a huge Twitter following that includes several celebrities.

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min de lecture
What on EARTH?
Last week on talkback, I was asking people whether they’d ever been so moved by a cause, so impassioned by conviction, that they had taken to the streets and marched. In the days before social media, people tended to walk their talk when they felt st
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly6 min de lectureMedical
KIWI MUM’S NIGHTMARE ‘My surrogacy heartbreak’
When Jane* and her husband John* heard the news that their surrogate was pregnant last September, they were overjoyed. For Jane, who had a troubled first pregnancy carrying their daughter Jenny*, it meant another chance at motherhood. As the couple s
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min de lecture
5 Minutes With... JOE COTTON
NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THIS ABOUT ME, BUT I’M VERY GOOD AT… Parallel parking. I’m the Beyoncé of backing a car into a space. THE SONG I LISTEN TO WHEN I NEED A PICK-ME-UP IS… The Voice by John Farnham. IF I COULD PASS ANY LAW, IT WOULD BE… People