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My weird disc-shaped spacecraft is hurtling through the blood-red skies of an alien world. Countless fiery meteors are falling from the upper atmosphere and crashing into the angry seas below with massive explosive force. Amidst all the chaos, my little ship gracefully glides

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PC Gamer (US Edition)7 min de lecture
Despicable Gle
Thanks to Evil Genius 2, I now understand why so many criminal masterminds are bald. It’s because they’ve torn all their hair out through sheer frustration. When a James Bond knockoff rocks up to your secret lair and murders a bunch of henchmen with
PC Gamer (US Edition)3 min de lecture
From the moment its 16-color title screen fades in alongside dramatic chiptunes, Loop Hero feels like some forgotten, VGA-era fantasy RPG, a game that contains the mystery and difficulty of 1991, gently modernized to 2021. Behind that charming intro
PC Gamer (US Edition)4 min de lecturePsychology
Deep Thinking
Gabe Newell, chief plumber at Valve and part-time Half-Life 3 tease, held forth on New Zealand TV show 1 News earlier this year on the subject of braincomputer interfaces. It turns out he’s all in favor of them, and Valve is working on software to in