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It’s time for bedder!

HE plant that grows from this week’s free seeds is a winner on every level. Echium ‘Blue Bedder’ not only brings swathes of delicious soft blue flowers to

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Think Outside The Box
SISYPHUS was a mythological King condemned by Zeus to push a boulder up a hill for eternity. When Sisy (to his friends) reached the top, the rock would roll back down, and his misery started afresh. This tale has been on my mind because I’ve found my
Amateur Gardening2 min de lecture
Callistemon 'Bottlebrush' Standard
Reader offer From Introducing Callistemon 'Kings Park' - a beautiful evergreen tree that will explode with incredible firework-like 'bottle-brush' blooms in early summer each year! Available here in eye-catching 'standard' form so the flowering head
Amateur Gardening3 min de lectureArchitecture
Success With Sweet Peas
You can listen to Steve on alternate Sundays 10am-2pm on BBC Radio Kent’s Sunday Gardening (BBC Local) SWEET peas are one of the most popular flowers we grow, and they can produce a fantastic display of wonderfully fragrant flowers during the summer.