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01 Demon’s Souls

This faithful recreation of FromSoftware’s classic not only does justice to the original’s design but it also proves to be one of the most accessible soulsbornes around. Bonus points are awarded for making full use of PS5’s hot new tech: the DualShock brings every hit to life in your hands and the quick-loading SSD ensures you’re back in the grind near-instantly. Just got a PS5? Put this at the top of

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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min de lecture
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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min de lecture
#01 Daddy’s home
FORMAT PS4 / PUB CAPCOM / DEV CAPCOM / RELEASED 2017 / SCORE 9/10 After fighting for your life against your long-absent wife and thinking it’s all over – twice – you’re given a scant moment to reflect. Did she really just lop my hand off? Yeah, budd
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min de lecture
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