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To Have And To Hold
ON that muggy July afternoon when we stood in the chapel of the Palace of Westminster and vowed ‘for better and for worse’, ‘in sickness and in health’, I had never heard of hip replacements. Even heart bypasses were not well known—two decades would
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Brace Yourselves
IT was the custom, in my dim and distant childhood, for adult relatives to pinch me enthusiastically before we were introduced to strangers. ‘Put some colour into your cheeks,’ they’d say, before leaning back to consider the results. ‘That’s better.’
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Country Life
MY gardener, hearing a great commotion among the birds and thinking it might be caused by a stoat, fetched his gun and proceeded to the scene of action. To his surprise he saw a squirrel on the ground in the act of killing a half-fledged thrush, biti