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Fly Me to the Moon

umans have a fascination with the unknown and we know very little about outer space.

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Small Ant, Big Trouble
The fire ant, a creature measuring only 3 to 6 mm, recently caused a big stir in China. It has prompted a joint prevention and control drive by nine ministries as it has already caused a lot of harm that is difficult to control. Officially referred t
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Chinese director Jia Zhangke has formally launched his new venture: a filmmaking school in his native Shanxi Province staffed by top industry talent, including well-known Chinese directors. The film academy is affiliated with the existing Communicati
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Double Standards, Double Blades
Despite strong opposition from its own people and neighboring countries, the Japanese Government has asserted its decision to discharge the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant’s wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. Western societies, headed by the U.S., ho