NME AUGUST 25, 2001

IT’S the best kind of New York story. One that mixes impossible glamour with brief excursions to the wild side. That starts in a basement, and ends in huge acclaim. That features good-looking participants in a potentially dirty business. A story too

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“He’s A Virus!”
JAMES worked with Brian Eno on five albums, beginning with Laid in 1993 and ending with Pleased To Meet You in 2001. “We’d been trying to work with Brian from the first album,” says Booth. “It was constant. He was massive for us, more important than
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Holly Macve
FOUR years after her debut, Holly Macve has finally released its follow-up. “The first was a very lonely album,” she says. “A raw, acoustic album. I wasn’t aware of the bigger sound that I could create until I toured and heard my voice in a different
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Deep Seated
TOUCHING on fragile mental health and the need for compassion, communication and communion, “Sit Down” was a No 2 hit in 1991 and yet seems custom-built for current times. Coldplay performed it after the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and it has even