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JEREM Y’S LITTLE JOKERS Comedy Runs In Our Family
Once dubbed the Godfather of New Zealand Comedy, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Corbett likes a good laugh. The 7 Days host confesses he tried “serious” drama as a youngster – and it went down like a lead balloon! “When I performed, I didn’t know if th
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What the HACK?!
I had to laugh when I saw that the Department of Internal Affairs is to phase in new passports as the old stock runs out. The New Zealand passport is one of the most powerful in the world – seventh alongside the US and the United Kingdom. The ranking
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They’ve achieved a lot in their 10 years of marriage, but they’re most proud of the loving family they’ve created. So, for their 10th anniversary, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge released a delightful 39-second video of them with t