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3D printing made easy! A wagon-mounted crane for beginners

The prototype that inspired me is preserved by the «Maison des cheminots» in Montluçon. Jean-Claude Auboueix told me about it, when I was seeking an unusual way of adding a crane to my layout. And I instantly fell for this quaint little crane wagon, far less intimidating than the Cockerill unit preserved by the local section of the AAATV association, and better suited to the type of layouts I enjoy building. It is wothwhile noting that although my model was part of the P.O. network, I am aware that the Voies Ferrées des Landes system, for example, had an identical one.


Many types of modelling software are available free of charge, at least for personal use, and such is the case for those I will quote here. TinkerCad

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