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From Newsweek
Why Jack Ma's Second Act Will Be Tougher Than His First
As he turns his eyes abroad, everyone knows—in e-commerce, in the cloud, in automatic payments and in Hollywood—that Ma is coming.
From New York Magazine
New York Magazine 05/14/17
Aziz Ansari Is From a Red State, Too
WHERE IS Aziz’s phone? That seems to be the most frequently asked question on the set of Master of None’s season two, most frequently by Aziz Ansari, the show’s star and co-creator. “I try not to keep my phone on me because I need to keep all distra
From ESPN The Magazine
ESPN 05/08/17
Is This The Beginning Of Lebron James’ End?
At 32, he remains superhuman in his ability to carry the Cavaliers while playing an unreal number of minutes. But even superhumans have their limits.

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The Atlantic
8 min read

The (Sometimes Unintentional) Subtext of Digital Conversations

The meanings we glean in conversation are often, maybe mostly, not found in the words spoken, but in how they’re said, and in the spaces between them. Tone of voice, and cadences created by shifts in speed, volume, and pitch, let listeners know whether “Nice job,” is complimentary or sarcastic, or whether “Wow” shows that you’re impressed or underwhelmed. The literal meaning of words is their message, and everything about how words are said is the metamessage. Metamessages communicate how you mean what you say. More and more conversations are taking place on screens—via texting, Facebook, Inst
Bloomberg Businessweek
13 min read

‘If You’re In A Partnership, You’re Only As Good As Your Weakest Partners’

MEGAN MURPHY: You got a scholarship to Columbia, went on to Harvard Business School, started at the paper company Rand-Whitney, and founded a sprawling empire now worth $5 billion by the latest estimates. Tell us about the struggles you went through in your early years, and the risks you took, and how the companies you started were part of a trajectory. ROBERT KRAFT: I love business. Growing up in Brookline, Massachusetts, I always dreamt about going to Harvard Business School. But we came from a family of limited financial means. So, starting in high school, I would go over there and talk wi
ESPN The Magazine
10 min read

Return Game

Maria Sharapova arrived at the NBA’s executive headquarters in New York City last August to see what it takes to run the kind of big league business she might want to oversee one day. She’d asked the commissioner, Adam Silver, if she could watch him work, and she began her tour seated next to him at a morning staff meeting, listening to him tick down a list of items that included a cracking down on teams that taunt officials via Twitter and growing the NBA’s international academies. Silver agreed to let her trail him because he’s a tennis fan and, frankly, because he was intrigued by why a fiv