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Business leaders need bold strategies to stay relevant and win. Traditional approaches to strategic planning based on safe, low-risk methods that produce predictable results do not equip businesses with the tools necessary for creating lasting impact. Companies must be willing to open themselves up to approaching strategy from a creative perspective. To create several systematic methodologies for creative problem solving in the development and execution of corporate strategy, Dr. Bernd H. Schmitt utilizes research in psychology and marketing and his experiences in music, fashion, telecom, financial services, and travel . He reveals how to bring bold thinking into your business by sourcing big ideas and executing them creatively.

Based on Schmitt's award-winning "Corporate Creativity" course at Columbia Business School's Executive MBS program, Big Think Strategy fulfills the need for a model of the creative strategic process that positions the firm uniquely for success.
Published: Gildan Audio on
ISBN: 9781469055169
List price: $24.98
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