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Animal Grossology

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Forget those cute and cuddly puppies, kittens, and Koala bears—it’s time to learn about vomit munchers, blood slurpers, slime makers, and dookie lovers. The world is filled with gross animals, and these are the very grossest.

- Houseflies: when they land on your food, they immediately puke their guts out.

- Leeches: once they hook onto your skin, they begin greedily sucking your blood.

- Slugs: if you pick one up, your hand will be covered with a mucus-like ooze.

- Lice: they make a home out of your hair and then start laying eggs.

- Sea cucumbers: gooey blobs with tentacles that some people actually eat.

- Tapeworms: once inside your intestines, they can grow up to 60-feet-long!

With bluntly honest language and lighthearted humor, best-selling author Sylvia Branzei vividly describes these and many, many other disgusting animals.

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