La Fabuleuse mélodie de Frédéric Petitpin

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La Fabuleuse mélodie de Frédéric Petitpin

Écrit par Don Gilmore

Raconté par The Secret Mountain

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Longueur: 34 minutes


Oh, that darn Frédéric—he’ll do anything to get out of learning how to play an instrument, much to the chagrin of his loving parents who named him after the great Chopin. One day however, the little fellow falls under the spell of his sister’s youth orchestra conductor and owns up to his name by spinning some magic and writing a fabulous song. Many of the songs on the program are rooted in the style of a musical and feature tunes such as “Fou de vous, les dinosaures!” (Crazy for the Dinosaurs), “Un bouton sur le joli nez de Sara” (The Pimple of Lovely Sara's Nose), and “La cuillère enchantée” (The Enchanted Spoon).
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