Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation

Écrit par Kelly Howell

Raconté par Kelly Howell

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Longueur: 58 minutes


Learn to meditate with this guided program as You are guided to create an inner sanctuary, a place where you can go to regenerate the very core of your self. Using Theta binaural beats and brainwave entrainment, this best-selling Brain Sync classic has helped hundreds of thousands of people to explore and experience meditation.

Binaural beats are precision engineered sound waves that synchronize right and left hemispheres while guiding your brain activity into optimized mental states. To experience the full benefit of this technology, slip on your headphones and let soothing Theta waves calm your nervous system and quiet your mind.

Track 1: Meditation Music, Theta Waves, Guided Imagery (Use headphones.)
Track 2: Meditation Music and Theta Waves (Use headphones.)
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