A Planet for Emily

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A Planet for Emily

Écrit par M S Lawson

Raconté par M S Lawson

Note : 2.5 sur 5 étoiles2.5/5 (26 évaluations)
Longueur: 6 heures


Suzanne's sister Eve joined an expedition to a lost planet where, it is rumoured, people can walk on the surface without protective suits, as a new home planet for humans now that Earth has been taken by the Zards. Eve and the whole expedition is missing, feared lost, and Suzanne is hoping that cryptic clues left by her sister will guide her to the expedition. Along the way she winds up as a cruise director on an old space freighter with a mysterious, former naval engineering officer as a captain and a robotic crew, and meets Emily and family who are looking for a place where Emily can grow up. She and the captain must find and rescue the lost expedition, rescue herself from another race, the Oids, who want to make her into a vessel, and find a planet for Emily.

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