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Airplane Boys in the Black Woods

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Airplane Boys in the Black Woods (1930) is an adventure novel for children by E. J. Craine. Excerpt from the book: "Holy Clover, that fellow would make his fortune in a dairy, all right," exclaimed Bob Caldwell. "His fortune, how do you make that out?" Jim Austin demanded. "I'll bite, let's have the answer." "He'd do the biting—that one tooth ought to be great to make holes in Swiss cheese!" "If I didn't need both hands you would get a wallop that would leave you only one tooth, then you could start competition," Austin answered. "Well," he added, "this sure looks as if you will find enough different kinds of vegetation, old Horticulturer, may your tribe increase." "Sure does," replied Bob. "Wonder who dropped that one-toother down in this place." The one-toother was a tall, emaciated, dark-skinned individual whose age was in the neighborhood of two hundred. His lips were thick, his huge mouth was wide open and from the upper jaw was the lone tooth.

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