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Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs: Venture Finance Without Venture Capital

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Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs: Venture Finance Without Venture Capital

De Dileep Rao

Raconté par Sam Devereaux

Note : 4.5 sur 5 étoiles4.5/5 (2 évaluations)
Longueur: 6 heures

Note de l'éditeur

Wealth of wisdom…
A wealth of wisdom from entrepreneurship professor Dileep Rao on how to build a financially sustainable business. Based on interviews with entrepreneurs who built their startups into billion-dollar businesses, Rao shares actionable advice on how to do everything from grow a company without venture capital funding to leadership strategies that are good for the bottom-line. An essential primer for anyone looking to turn their small business into the next big thing.


Take Control of Your Startup—and Watch it Grow
An analysis of success: By learning from both the mistakes and achievements of those before us, we can better craft our own approach to success. Award-winning professor of entrepreneurship Dileep Rao presents readers with a detailed guide to success through his interviews and analysis of billion-dollar entrepreneurs (those who built a venture from startup to more than $1 billion in sales and valuation) and 100 million-dollar entrepreneurs (startup to $100 million).

Build your business without venture capital (VC) funding: While starting a business without outside help seems difficult, Rao is here to show entrepreneurs that not only is it possible, but it could very well lead to a more successful business. Rao shares how more than 90 percent of America’s billion-dollar entrepreneurs in the VC era (since 1946) avoided or delayed VC, and instead used finance-smart expertise—skills that combine business-smart, capital-smart, and leadership-smart strategies.

The right mix of internal and external financing: It takes more than one person to grow a business from the bottom up. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice control of the venture in the process. Armed with 23 years of experience as a financer, Rao shows readers how to optimize internal financing so as to attract external financing. By keeping control of the venture, entrepreneurs keep more of the wealth, as well.

Dileep Rao’s Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs shares with readers:

Pre-financing, financing and post-financing skills and strategies of finance-smart entrepreneurs
The ins and outs of venture finance, applicable to anyone looking to start a business
Tips on increasing capital productivity and attaining financially sustainable entrepreneurship
If you’ve enjoyed entrepreneurship-focused titles such as The Lean Startup, The $100 Startup, and Venture Deals, then Rao’s Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs is the next book for you.

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