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THE LIFE OFTHE POOR, it is the sixth book of poems, each of us will have the
opportunity to provide, to all those of you who do not know the suffering of others, I
think of you today. I do not want you to be in this situation. The others who are
ANBA TENTS are not good for human beings to live in this circumstance... We are
not inhuman to live, but life push us one way or another to learn the right way. I ask
nothing of anyone, but Iwant that we are united to each other by low. Give if you
have the courage to bear brothers and sisters suffering in one way or other by painful
disasters such as: War, Cyclone, Earthquake, Sick people, to those who suffer without
help give the hands them today, tomorrow and future years.
We are all the same.
THE LIFE OF THE POOR, this is my six book of poetry. Iwant to separate you
my friends worldwide.
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