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Anyone who gardens knows how snails, aphids, scale insects, and caterpillars can damage vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees. But not many of us know that ground beetles eat caterpillars, not plants; that dragonflies feed on mosquitoes; that parasitic wasps prey on tomato hornworms. In this delightful guide to the world of beneficial insects, Starcher, an artist and avid gardener, shows us how to identify the "good guys" and encourage them to reside in our gardens. "Altogether delightful."--Newark Star-Ledger; "A fact-filled, charmingly illustrated guide."--American Bookseller. A GARDEN BOOK CLUB selection.
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ISBN: 9781565127470
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Good Bugs for Your Garden - Allison Mia Starcher

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Good Bugs for Your Garden

Written and Illustrated by

Allison Mia Starcher

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill


For my mother and father

Thank you to…

Betsy Amster and Angela Miller for their vision, inspiration, and diligence.

Elisabeth Scharlatt, Amy Gash, Julia Boss, and everyone at Algonquin Books for the freedom to see my dream and the guidance and skill to make it a reality.

Thanks to the following people who have graciously shared with me their knowledge, experience and love of insects:

Anne Frodsham

Rosser Garrison, Los Angeles Count Entomologist

Jan Dietrick and Everett J. Deke Dietrick of Rincon-Vitova

Jim Davis of American Insectaries, Inc.

Joel Grossman, Max E. Badgley and Steve Kutcher

Lili Singer and Phyllis Benenson, who helped me find my misplaced talents and nurtured them to fruition.

And for their faith and support, Mari and Herb Isono, Risa and Ron Kleyweg, and all my dear friends.



Damselflies, Dragonflies and Praying Mantids

The True Bugs and the Thrips

Lacewinged Insects and Beetles

Bees and Wasps


Spiders, Mites and Other Helpful Creatures