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Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

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Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

Note : 2 sur 5 étoiles2/5 (2 évaluations)
Longueur: 212 pages2 heures


Darius and his friends solve the problem of the disappearance of bees, and help their class win the Mayor's PrizeThe bees on the Bell estate are dying. There'll be no more delicious honey, and without the bees to pollinate flowers, no more fruit and vegetables. This means no more of Mrs. Simpson's glorious pies and cakes! Worse still, Mr. Fisher the gardener will have to leave the estate, along with his family. Darius Bell is determined that something must be done, even if the dastardly mayor is against him. Darius has a great idea, but he will need help from his friends and family to make it work, and he must drive a hard bargain with Mrs. Lightman, the school principal and a dragon if ever there was one. This is a very funny story of problemsolving, teamwork, and pollination.
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