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In the After

In the After

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In the After

4/5 (39 évaluations)
342 pages
4 heures
Jun 25, 2013


In debut author Demitria Lunetta's heart-pounding thriller, one girl must fight for her survival in a world overrun by violent, deadly creatures. Perfect for fans of New York Times bestsellers like The 5th Wave and Across the Universe.

Amy Harris's life changed forever when They took over. Her parents—vanished. The government—obsolete. Societal structure—nonexistent. No one knows where They came from, but these vicious creatures have been rapidly devouring mankind since They appeared. With fierce survivor instincts, Amy manages to stay alive—and even rescues "Baby," a toddler who was left behind. After years of hiding, they are miraculously rescued and taken to New Hope. On the surface, it appears to be a safe haven for survivors. But there are dark and twisted secrets lurking beneath that could have Amy and Baby paying with not only their freedom . . . but also their lives.

Jun 25, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Chicago native Demitria Lunetta is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and a faithful follower of all things YA on her blog www.demitrialunetta.blogspot.com. She holds a BA in Human Ecology and has spent countless hours studying the many ways in which people are capable of bringing about their own destruction. In case the end is near, she always carries a good book and a chocolate bar—the two items essential for postapocalyptic survival.

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In the After - Demitria Lunetta





I only go out at night.

I walk along the empty street and pause, my muscles tense and ready. The breeze rustles the overgrown grass and I tilt my head slightly. I’m listening for Them.

All the warnings I remember from horror movies are wrong. Monsters do not rule the night, waiting patiently to spring from the shadows. They hunt during the day, when the light is good and their vision is at its best. At night, if you don’t make a noise, they can shuffle past you within an inch of your nose and never know you are there.

It’s so very quiet, but that doesn’t mean that They are not near. I walk again, slowly at first, but then I pick up my pace. My bare feet pad noiselessly on the cracked sidewalk. Home is only a few blocks away. Not far if I remain silent, but it may as well be miles if They spot me.

I’ve learned to live in a soundless world. I haven’t spoken in three years. Not to comment on the weather, not to shout a warning, not even to whisper my own name: Amy. I know it’s been three years because I’ve counted the seasons since it happened. In the summer before the After when I’d just turned fourteen.

A branch snaps in the distance and I stop immediately, my body tense. I shift my bag slowly, carefully adjusting the weight so the cans inside don’t clank together. Every little noise screams at me that something is wrong, but it could be nothing.

Clouds shift and moonlight suddenly brightens the street. I glance around, searching, studying an abandoned, rusted car for any signs of the creatures. When I don’t spot Them, I almost continue on, but at the last second I decide to play it safe. Stepping into an abandoned yard, I disappear into the shrubbery. I’ll wait until a cloud passes in front of the moon and darkness reclaims the night.

I can’t take any chances, not with Baby waiting for me. My bag holds the food we need to survive. We only have each other. I found Baby shortly after the world failed, when I still believed things would return to normal. I no longer hold that hope. Nothing this broken can ever be fixed.


This is how I think of time: the past is Before, and the present is the After. Before was reality; the After, a nightmare.

Before I was happy. I had friends and sleepovers. I wanted to learn how to drive, to get a jump start on my learner’s permit. The worst thing in my life was math homework and not being allowed to date. I thought my parents were so clueless; my dad with all his green concerns (I told my friends he was an eco-douche), and my mom, who was never home except for Sunday-night family dinner. I was kinder to my mom, though, and only called her a workaholic. Her job was with the government, her work very hush-hush.

I always thought of myself as smart, and I was definitely a smart-ass to my parents. I loved seeing them squirm, letting them know that I didn’t buy into their because I said so crap. I was good in school. I could always guess the endings of movies and books. Now there is no school, there are no more movies, no new books, no more friends.

The creatures arrived on a Saturday. I know it was a Saturday because if it were a weekday I would have been at school and I would be dead. Sundays I went with my father to visit his parents at Sunny Pine, and if They had come on a Sunday I would also be dead.

I remember that the electricity flickered and I was annoyed because I was watching TV. I had wondered if my father was on the roof screwing around with the solar panels. They didn’t require much maintenance, but he liked to hose them off twice a year, which always messed with all our electronics. I checked the garage. His electric car was gone. He was at the farmers’ market, probably overpaying for organic carrots.

I microwaved some pizza bagels (the ones my mom hid from my dad at the back of the freezer) and sat back in front of the TV, flipping through the channels mindlessly. I’d wished my parents would listen to me and upgrade to the premium cable package. I thought life was so unfair. My mother had bought my father a brand-new electric car for more money than I would probably need for college, but she wouldn’t spend fifty bucks extra a month to get some decent television.

I checked my cell phone but there were no calls from Sabrina or Tim. I was supposed to go to a movie with them later. Tim had been madly in love with Sabrina forever but her parents would only let her go out with him if I tagged along. I joked with Sabrina about being the old spinster in a nineteenth-century novel. No secret love child for you two, I’d tell her with a wink. Not while Matron Amy is on duty.

I didn’t really mind being their chaperone; they never made me feel awkward or like a third wheel. Sabrina hadn’t even decided if she was all that into Tim. I’d been friends with her since fifth grade, when I was the weirdo who skipped a grade and she was the nice girl who didn’t treat me like I had the plague. Pretty soon we were friends and stayed besties through middle school and into high school.

I tossed my phone on the coffee table and kicked up my feet, giving my full attention to the TV screen for the first time. But I noticed that even when I changed the channel, the picture stayed the same. I paused, curious. The president was making a speech. Boring. I ate my snack, only half listening.

It has come to our attention, the president droned, that we are not isolated in this attack.

I sat up, my bite half chewed. Attack? I was too young to remember the string of terrorist attacks at the beginning of the century, but my mother worked for the government and was constantly talking about our lack of counterterrorist mechanisms.

I turned up the volume. The president looked exhausted, bags under his eyes, makeup caked on for the cameras. The structure landed in Central Park early this morning, he said into twenty microphones. As of now, the fate of anyone residing in New York City and the surrounding suburbs is unknown. We are working to find the cause of this interruption in communication as soon as— He was cut short. The breaking news logo flashed across the screen.

I took a swig of soda. It was strange that the network had interrupted the president. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, didn’t know what it all meant yet. I glanced at the screen and what I saw nearly made me choke on my soda. They had footage of the structure in the park. Something emerged, turned toward the camera, stared. Still coughing, I pressed PAUSE on the DVR remote and stood.

That was the first time I saw an alien.


After They came, I did not leave my house for three weeks. The broadcasts stopped after the first few days, but they were not helpful anyway. They kept repeating the same things. Aliens had landed, they were not friendly, half of the planet was dead.

They were horrifyingly fast, traveling across the globe at an alarming pace. They didn’t destroy buildings or attack our resources, like in so many crappy Hollywood movies. They wanted us. They hungered for us.

That first day, I was slow to understand what was happening.

My hands shook as I desperately tried to call my friends and family. My father didn’t carry a cell phone. He didn’t believe in them, said they gave people brain cancer. My mom had one of those fancy touch-screen phones that her job paid for, but she never answered, and her office line went straight to voice mail. Sabrina’s phone just rang and rang. So did Tim’s. I tried my cousin in Virginia and my mom’s parents in Miami. No one answered. I went through the phone book on my cell, furiously calling one number after another. Eventually I could no longer dial out. I kept getting a recorded message. All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again at a later time. Soon I couldn’t even get service. I stared at the screen for a minute, then, frustrated, threw the phone against the wall.

I curled into a ball on the couch and tried not to cry, but I couldn’t hold back the tears for long. When my father didn’t come back after a few hours, I had to admit to myself that he was dead. He had camping skills, but I could not imagine him holding his own against an alien attack. My mother might be okay, her government offices were high security, surrounded by soldiers. But I had no idea how to reach her, and could soldiers really protect her from those repulsive creatures? I had to face the reality that my parents could both be gone.

I stayed on the sofa and cried until I had no tears left and not enough energy to sob. I eventually crawled to the fridge and grabbed my dad’s Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer. It was the one junk food he allowed himself. He said life wasn’t worth living without Cherry Garcia. I gorged myself on ice cream and ended up vomiting purple-pink onto the floor. I fell asleep there, exhausted and miserable.

When I woke several hours later, I couldn’t figure out why I was on the kitchen floor. I opened my eyes and saw the mess I had made, instantly remembering everything. I wanted to stay there, but the smell finally got to me. I sat up and rubbed my deadened arms. Sobbing hysterically wouldn’t help my dad or my friends. It wouldn’t help me. Something inside me shifted or maybe just broke. I had to take care of myself.

I stood carefully, my legs still shaky, and went to retrieve the cleaning supplies from under the sink. When I was done cleaning the mess, I numbly grabbed a book from the shelf and hid in my room, unable to face my own thoughts. I needed to escape, if just for a short while, into a story from long ago.

My first night alone, I still assumed things would settle down. I stayed glued to the TV, watching the news report the same thing over and over. People were dying, and I was sick with grief, but I knew that we would overcome the invaders or whatever they were. We were the strongest nation on earth.

The second day passed and the TV was out, but there were still people on the radio. I was comforted by their voices, even though they spoke of mass chaos. People tried to run away, but They were everywhere. People tried to hide, but They found them.

Then on the third day, the radio went silent. I stayed in my room and obsessively read one book after another, to keep my mind on anything other than what was happening. I’d always escaped into books, but now reading had become something more. It allowed me to be somewhere else, to feel something else, not just the numbness that overtook my body and made me wonder if I was still alive.

My father loved Shakespeare; he would read passages with me and discuss all the intricacies. I reread Romeo and Juliet and cried my eyes out over their loss. Before I’d always argued with my father that the star-crossed lovers were idiots who should have coordinated their plans better, but this time they got to me. I completely broke down and crawled into my parents’ bed. Draping their covers over my body, I sobbed myself to sleep. I was like that back then; my mood would swing between an almost hysterical sense of loss and having no feelings at all.

On the fourth day, I made myself eat and then tidied the house, trying to do the normal things that people do. I put out all the pictures I had of my friends and parents, gluing a collage to my bedroom door. I ransacked every photo album, placing each picture with great care, keeping my mind occupied. It was so much easier than facing reality. Sometimes I found it hard to concentrate, what with the world ending and all. I wanted so badly to leave the house, to see if anyone else was around, but I was scared of Them.

I finally decided to go out on our rooftop deck, and watch Them chase people down the street. They were faster than I’d thought possible, a blur of green, the color of pea soup. Glowing yellow eyes sometimes caught the light and flashed gold. The creatures pounced, not bothering to kill their prey before feeding. They ripped skin and flesh from their victims, who screeched in agony. The cries always brought more of Them, eager for their next meal. Those first few days were full of screams. It was terrible, but the real terror came when there were no more shrieks, when the world went quiet. I thought I was the only one left on the planet. There was only me and Them.

The fourth night, I turned on all the lights in the house. My block was dark, except for our home, my home. No one else had electricity, but I still did. I silently thanked my father who wanted to live footprint-free by installing solar panels and insisting we always put more into the grid than what we took out. We were as close to self-sustaining as current technology allowed.

I didn’t know then that They were drawn to the lights, like moths to a flame. I didn’t know that they couldn’t see very well. They were attracted to anything bright, especially once they realized that where there was light in the darkness, there were humans, which for Them meant food.

The electric fence saved me, and that was my mother’s doing. Even though we lived in an excellent, safe neighborhood in Chicago, she needed to protect the work she brought home. She had the fence installed behind our beautiful iron gate, the one They ripped up and destroyed in just a few minutes. She needed to make our house a secure area. My mother and father were so different I wondered sometimes how they managed to stand each other at all. Still, they were so in love. Their public displays of affection were always embarrassing and I used to make gagging noises to try and get them to stop. Now I regret the way I acted toward them. I regret a lot of things that happened Before.


After those first few days, I quickly learned to keep the noise to a minimum and the lights off when it was dark outside. They hid at night, but were still attracted by light and sound. Even small noises would bring Them to the fence, their green skin sparking as They tried to tear through the electrified chain links.

I spied on Them through my dad’s nature binoculars, carefully watching, mesmerized by their grotesqueness, their snarls and sharp teeth. They had two arms and two legs, but that is where their similarities to humans ended. They were hairless; all the same shade of yellow-green, like sunburned grass. Most were naked, though some wore torn shirts or pants they must have scavenged from the dead. One sported a dirty Cubs hat, at which I couldn’t help but laugh. My sense of humor was very different in the After.

I spotted them at the fence sometimes. They heard me if I was too loud, or occasionally They wandered over aimlessly. They didn’t seem to be very curious in general, not concerned with anything but the pursuit of food. I tried to ignore Them when They rattled the fence, braving the electric shocks in search of meals. I’d go and hide in my room, but eventually I developed a sick fascination with Them. I decided to study one up close, determined to know what they really looked like. One day I gathered my courage, took a deep breath, and walked into the backyard. Humming softly, I waited.

Within a few seconds, one made it to the fence. It grabbed the metal with both hands and was jolted back by a painful shock. Shaking its bald, dull-green head, it quickly got up and tried again to attack, never taking its eyes off me. Again and again it came after me; either it couldn’t learn from the earlier shocks or it just didn’t care. It gnashed its teeth, pulling back its thin lips to reveal yellow fangs. It had practically no nose, only two holes where a nose should be. Puke-green flesh hung loosely from its body like baggy clothes. I could smell its burning flesh as its hands became blackened from the electric current. As long as I was within sight, it would pursue me single-mindedly.

I was frozen in place, terrified yet fascinated. I called out, "How have you destroyed us?" The sound of my voice only made the alien struggle harder against the wire of the fence trying desperately to attack me.

Finally I left it, snarling and slobbering, relieved and confident that the fence would hold. I went back inside and watched from the window, my shaking hands wiping the nervous sweat from my forehead with a kitchen towel. It would forget in a moment why it was there, what it was that drew it to that place. It would wander off in search of food again, live meat. I went to the basement, huddled in the corner, and read, pretending it was still Before, when little green men were just a joke and couldn’t eat you.


After twenty days I ran out of food. My father had a small rooftop garden, but none of the vegetables were ready, and I couldn’t live on carrots and tomatoes for the rest of my life anyhow. I went a whole day without eating before admitting to myself what I needed to do.

I walked to my parents’ room, into their closet. I took down the box that my mother thought I didn’t know about. I’d put it off, hoping I wouldn’t need to leave the safety of the house, that all the carnage would stop and that I would be saved. My hunger made me realize that I would have to face the world as it was; life-threateningly full of Them. For that, I needed protection.

Most households that keep a firearm end up hurting a family member or someone they know. I heard the echo of my father’s concerned voice as I took the gun from its case.

I would like to see those statistics, my mother had replied. What studies are you citing, exactly? she’d asked with a wink. He tried not to smile, but his eyes betrayed him. He’d always pretended to be stern but would give in so easily. He put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her forward for a kiss. I remember being amazed. Even when they were arguing, they still made out. They didn’t notice me in the doorway. Even then I was good at being quiet.

They kept the gun, thanks to my mother’s stubbornness. My father surrendered, as long as I learned how to use it properly and knew it wasn’t a plaything. I was ten. My father came up with some lame excuse about wanting me to gain a better understanding of the world, but I knew it was because he feared I would find the gun hidden in the closet and think it was a toy.

I never thought about the gun, not after my lessons at the shooting range were finished. That day, however, when I needed to leave the house for the first time since They arrived, all I could think about was how grateful I was that my mother was super paranoid, that her work demanded it.

I loaded the clip into the gun and smiled, putting the holster on, slipping my arms through the straps. I packed my backpack with a flashlight, a knife, and my wallet, unsure of what I would find outside. Looking back, it just goes to show how clueless I was.

I waited until sunset, when there would be less of Them. It took me twenty minutes to work up the nerve to open the front door. The lock clicked open, painfully loud. I checked to make sure They weren’t waiting for me at the fence. We lived in a nice neighborhood: big expensive houses with well-manicured lawns. Ours was the only one with a fenced-in front yard. I unlocked the electric gate, checking for the hundredth time that the key was safely tucked into my pocket for when I returned. To lock myself out now would most certainly mean death. I felt sad remembering when I’d done it a couple of times Before, when the penalty was only heading over to Sabrina’s house to mooch junk food until one of my parents got home.

I took a deep breath and steadied my shaking hands, willing myself into calmness, pushing my terror away as I stepped past the rubble of what used to be our outer gate.

I had decided I would start out simple; venture to the corner store a block away, have a quick look around, grab some canned ravioli, and haul my butt back to my house. I was careful to walk quietly.

Slow and steady wins the race, my father had always said. He is such a dork, I thought automatically. It made me want to cry. My father wasn’t anything anymore. No one was anything.

I walked slowly, carefully placing each foot on the sidewalk to avoid making noise. The night was windy, which made me jumpy. Any movement of a bush or tree and I froze. After constant stalling, I had to force myself to calm down again. I didn’t want the sound of me hyperventilating to bring Them. The shadows are just shadows, I told myself. They are all sleeping now, I reasoned. But I wasn’t very convincing.

As I walked, I noticed a few of the houses had broken windows or open doors. Cars had been abandoned in the street, some with blood on the windshield. I tried not to look at these things too closely, not to let them psych me out. I had survived an alien invasion, I wasn’t going to starve to death because I couldn’t overcome my fear.

I made it to the store without spotting any of Them. Cautiously I pressed at the door, expecting it to be locked, but it gave way with little trouble. The smell hit me first, musty and rotten. I stood for a moment with the door open, breathing shallowly until I became used to the stink. When I stepped inside, my shoes squeaked on the linoleum floor, making me cringe. I slipped them off and left them by the door.

This is the market that Sabrina and I would sneak off to, to buy junk food when she stayed at my house. There used to always be customers here, buying munchies or lottery tickets, sipping on sodas in supersize cups. The outside world was empty now, but being in that vacant store was somehow worse.

I made myself focus into the darkness and went straight to the canned food aisle, frantically filling my backpack with corn, soup, tuna fish, anything I could get my hands on. The cans clanged loudly when I hoisted the bag to my shoulders and I froze. There was no way I could make such a racket and get home alive. Quickly I repacked the bag, placing candy bars and bags of marshmallows between the cans.

But now not all the cans fit. I don’t know why I didn’t leave them on the floor, but it didn’t seem right. Your mind does funny things when you spend so much time alone. I stocked them back on the shelf, one by one. Anxiety was flooding my body, and my hands were shaking with fear and hunger. I dropped a can on the shelf and it fell into the other ones and onto the floor. My eyes followed it as it rolled toward the front of the store. I stepped forward and instantly froze. There was one of Them at the store entrance.

I took a step back as quietly as I could. The creature’s head pushed through the door, its body jammed in the opening, unsure of where to go. Finally it made its way inside; its head rocked clumsily from side to side, trying to see in the dark. They shuffled around when there were no people in sight, wandered aimlessly. They weren’t fast until They had reason to be, when They detected their prey.

The creature’s foot touched my shoes where I’d left them by the door. In a flash it dropped to the floor and sniffed at my sneakers. I continued to back away, my socks soundless on the cold tile. It moved forward, crawling on its hands and knees. Something settled in my bag with a thud. Its head snapped up in my direction and in a flash, it ran toward me. Without thinking I grabbed a jar of tomato sauce and hurled it at the creature.

I aimed for its head, but the jar sailed over it and smashed against the floor. That made it stop. It looked back and forth, unable to decide if it should investigate the new, louder noise.

I stood as still as I could. Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me.

The gun was at my side in its holster. I could reach it and shoot before the thing reached me, but that would draw every one of Them within earshot.

It moved closer, searching wildly. The smell of rotten meat filled my nostrils, almost making me gag. It looked right at me but could not see me with its milky-yellow eyes. I held my breath, afraid to even blink. The creature moved frantically, its black-blue tongue licking its fangs. Its closeness made my skin crawl.

It was becoming more difficult to hold my breath. I could push the creature and try to run, but They were so fast it would catch me before I could reach the door. Its teeth were unbelievably pointy, too big for

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  • (4/5)
    I received this book for review from the publisher via Edelweiss.

    I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over again, but In the After was another book that I heard about on Epic Reads’ tea time. Seriously, it’s a great source for book talk and to discover new books. When I saw In the After available on Edelweiss, I requested it, even though it was out of my normal genre.

    In the After is definitely an interesting story, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I mean, creatures that are referred to as “They/Them” and eat humans? They could pretty much be anything: demons, zombies, monsters. We are told very early on what they are suspected to be, but honestly, the description wasn’t really important, as they are constantly referred to as Them, and they’re all the more creepy for it.

    In the After is broken into 3 parts. The first part focuses on Amy and Baby’s life in the outside world. She refers to the time before the creatures came as Before, and since they came as the After, hence the title of the book. This was a really interesting part of the book because we got to learn a little more about the creatures and see how Amy and Baby manage to survive around Them, especially considering how many people have died at Their hands. Every time Amy left her house in this part of the book, my heart was in my throat, wondering what would happen and whether They would find her. These were some of the creepiest scenes in the book. Part 1 ends when Amy and Baby are rescued and brought to New Hope.

    Part 2 is where I thought In the After really got interesting, in my opinion, because the writing style changes a bit. We fast forward 4 months, and Amy is in the Ward, with no recollection of why or how she got there. As she starts to remember bits and pieces of the past few months, we learn what is going on, and we find that things are not all as they seem in New Hope. Certain events take place and are covered up, and the leader doesn’t necessarily want people to question how and why things work. Also, there are some specific rules about how the citizens of New Hope must live, promises they must fulfill, that Amy doesn’t necessarily agree with.

    I felt like In the After ended on just the right note. The events of the book are wrapped up nicely, but we also know that there has to be more to the story. We’ve learned a lot more about Them and New Hope, and we know that something needs to be done about the state of the world. I really enjoyed In the After and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    In the After comes out on Tuesday, so if you like creepy creatures and dystopian societies, make sure you grab your copy!

    You can also read this and other reviews on my blog, Mommy's Reading Break
  • (5/5)
    Amy is home alone when the world turns to chaos. Alien type creatures that are attracted to all noise attack and decimate the population. Luckily her parents built a great house with fencing that they can not get through. As time goes on she adapts to the new world she lives in, rescues a toddler that she found in a grocery store and learns to live in silence and isolation. CRAZY!! There was so many twists, turns, danger, and action that I don't know where to start. I got so into IN THE AFTER that I found myself not talking and trying to be silent. If only my kids would have gotten on board with that. Amy makes the book. Her character is fierce and adaptable. She plows through issues and makes sure all decisions made are the right ones. Although she is only 17 her experiences have hardened her and she is unforgiving. I can not think of any point in the book that I did not agree with the way she handled something. Without Baby the toddler she found in a grocery store she would be alone. She teachers her, raises her and looks after her like she were her own family and they have a really close bond. There are a lot of dark and down right freaky moments in IN THE AFTER. Situations are so well described that you feel like you are right smack dab in the middle of them. The book is long but I still read it at a nice fast pace that left little room to do anything like clean, or feed the kids, or sleep.... Oh they are still alive don't worry they have learned to feed themselves ;)I will leave you with my final thoughts. I loved it from the moment I picked it up until the moment it ended.
  • (5/5)
    I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!Why did I wait so long to read this book? This is be best book I have read in a LOOOOONG time. I am seriously obsessed with this book and need book two! Right now! I need to know what happens next! Also, Can I just say, I never wanted to put this book down. I literally started this book to be a "read in between books", little did I know, it made me put down every other book I was reading, it drew me in so well.I thought In The After was written brilliantly! I can't say I loved all the characters, but I love how each and every one was written. You connect to every single one of them... even if you really wish you didn't. Lol The setting was so freaking realistic as well. So the story didn't just draw you in, it transported you there and YOU are Amy. There are a few times I thought I would pass out from hyperventilating or something but I literally could NOT put this book down. That ending killed me. It used my heart as a freaking chew toy, spat it out, and stomped on the remains. I couldn't deal!!! (would this mean I would be sent to the Ward? *shudders in fear*)I demand to know what happens next!!! I'll go nuts if I don't find out soon. I hope justice prevails! *Few Characters*Amy; I thought she was very mature for her age. I admit when she first comes onto the scene, she seemed like one of those snobby uppty people that make you want to go "Mean girls" on em. But once the world goes to crap, she really steps up and blows you away.Baby; She is such a mystery. Even by the end of the book, I'm left wanting to know more about her. I am so attached, I think I would squall my eyes out if anything happened to her.Rice; Can't stand his name and up till the last chapter, I couldn't stand him. Even now, I am honestly still a bit wary of him. I am not sure why, I just feel like he might not can be trusted fully.Amber; I don't think I have ever wanted to punch someone so hard in my life. She got off way to freaking easy. Yes, I read the book, I know her outcome, I still think she got off to easy. Heck! I even think letting her be Florae bait/chow would be to easy for her. I really hate her. I know it's the end of the world, but there are just lines you do NOT cross, especially when a baby is involved. She is just plain trashy!Kay; Omg, be my friend. Please. Train me! She is so freaking awesome and kick butt! How could you NOT like her!?Amy's mother; I am so conflicted. I hated her through the whole book up until literally the last part of the book with the last conversation Amy and her have. Then I understand why she did some of the things she did. Still ticks me off though so I guess I can say, I don't hate her, but I don't like her either. Also I guess you could say, if she was eaten, "ehhhhh that sucks, moving on!" would probably be my only remark. Unless she redeems herself in book two.Dr Reynolds; Could you be any more sadistic, you pansy!? There is absolutely nothing to like about this scumbag! What could possibly drive a person to be so cruel and twisted? I mean really! Though I am sure if the real world ended, there would be tons of Dr Reynolds.... It's depressing. Any who. He is on the same level as Amber in my opinion. I can't stand either of them. All in all, In The After blew me away and rocked my socks! Lol Would defiantly highly recommend.
  • (5/5)
    Loved it. You couldn't ask for a more exciting read. It reminded me of when I first read Hunger Games and The Forest of Hands an Teeth. There was the rush of reading a really enjoyable book, followed by the letdown and impatience of having to wait for the next book.
  • (5/5)
    They hear everything, they are faster than anything you've ever seen and they won't stop until your dead. Amy has an ordinary teenage life and is a normal teenage girl until the one day they world is attacked by Them. These fast creatures our devouring and eating everyone on the planet and can't be stopped. Most of the world's population has dropped but Amy and Baby manage to survive and even rescue a toddler she named "Baby". The girls do everything they can to not get caught by Them. After years and years of hiding from the creatures they finally get rescued and taken to a new place, New Hope. At first the colony seems like a dream come true with plenty of food, safety, shelter, New Hope slowly becomes something far from ideal. If things don't change for Amy, she'll loose Baby and everyone else she cares about. This book definitly kept me reading for hours! It was very thrilling at points but also sad and surprsing. I think they should make a sequel to In The After! Great book
  • (3/5)
    I love post apocalyptic and zombie books because I enjoy reading about how people can adapt and survive even the most unthinkable circumstances. In the After was a little post-apocalyptic thriller, a little zombie-ish, a little sci-fi alien invasion and a little bit dystopian. So many of the elements I enjoy wrapped up in one book, it's easy to see why I was so excited to read this and maybe why I had such high expectations for it.

    I absolutely enjoyed the beginning of the book. The world building in the opening scenes painted a vivid picture of how quickly the world became a terrifying and dangerous place inhabited by creatures drawn to light and sound. I was fascinated by the way Amy and Baby had created a non-verbal way of communicating that was based on sign language but was adapted to work in their specific circumstances. I thought that the author did a great job creating a feeling of resignation and hopelessness in the characters but still that spirit to survive and persevere.

    Where In the After fell short for me was in the second half, after Amy & Baby's "rescue". I spent most of the book feeling alternately confused and annoyed with the direction that the story seemed to be taking. The dystopic society that was created didn't seem entirely plausible and just felt loosely constructed. The interactions between the characters felt awkward and artificial, the romance wasn't believable, and most of the relationships felt forced. This was a bit of a disappointment since I had so enjoyed the world building in the beginning.

    Ultimately, In the After was an okay read. I don't know if I will continue with the series since I didn't really like the direction the story went. However, I would still recommend it to fans of zombie, post apoc, sci fi, and dystopic themed books.
  • (4/5)
    The set-up is so creepy, I cannot imagine these aliens, Them. They are so strong, but Amy luckily finds their weaknesses and even though her parents don't survive, their eccentricities from life helps her to survive in this almost post-apocalyptic setting. At first Amy thinks she is alone, the last person alive, but then she finds Baby, and runs into people slowly. I loved the sisterly relationship between Amy and Baby, it kept me emotionally invested in the story while the encounters with Them, and the challenges of staying alive kept me involved with action and plot. I was eager to find out more about this strong alien, why they are there, and how they got there. How others besides Amy survived, and where this mysterious group of other survivors mentioned in the synopsis would come into play. Demitria Lunetta gives those answers little pieces at a time, and keeps me reading with her great world building and attention to detail. Its intense, a little gritty, and the pacing is great throughout. I enjoyed Amy's character, she is smart, snarky and resourceful. While she does what she has to in order to survive, she has a heart that is big and beautiful. She rescues Baby, and she takes in others. She still cares for others despite what she went through. The jumps in time starting around 30% confused me though. I know that was the point because we are in Amy's head and she obviously doesn't know what is going on either. When I started getting suspicions of why she was drugged and confused I didn't like it but I knew that it was all part of the storyline, and like a sucker punch to the gut. I didn't have it all right, but there were a few things I was right about and then other twists that caught me completely by surprise. There was a hint of romance, and I hope that the next book advances it a little more, but I am okay with that. It was kind of refreshing for that not to be a driving factor in the book. The ending is crazy, and all that it should have been for the book except that it was a bit of a cliffie but it left me yearning for the next book which I will definitely be reading. Bottom Line: Chilling story of survival
  • (4/5)
    “This is how I think of time: the past is Before, and the present is the After. Before was reality; the After, a nightmare.”In The After was one of my most anticipated releases for 2013. So of course when I was given the chance to read it early I couldn't resist. Thankfully In The After not only met but actually exceeded my expectations!Amy and Baby haven't spoken in years. To speak is to die.The only noise comes from Them, the zombie like creatures who've taken over the planet. Amy and Baby have survived due in part to Amy's father being Eco-Friendly. If it wasn't for the solar panels powering Amy's electric fence Amy and Baby might very well be dead. After coming across another survivor, Amy and Baby are betrayed. Now reunited with people for the first time in years, Amy and Baby must adapt to a new world order run under the thumb of someone from Before and a Doctor whose intentions aren't as genuine as they appear.While I love this book it is the incredible characters who sell the story. Amy is 14 years old when the "Aliens" arrive. She's a typical teenager who grows up hard and fast. Amy is left all alone in The After until the day she stumbles upon Baby in an abandoned store eating spoiled grapes. She knows taking the toddler with her is dangerous but decides to save her anyway. Much to Amy's surprise the toddler knows how to keep quiet, knows that noise attracts Them. I love that Amy is resourceful enough to know that Toddlers will pick up things quickly so naturally sign language becomes the safest way they can communicate. Don't worry though it is quite easy to follow whom is "speaking" in the scene. While the first half of the book focuses mostly on Amy and Baby's survival in The After, the second half has Amy and Baby arriving in a survivor city called, New Hope. After living almost 4 years in total silence the noise is almost deafening. Every instinct Amy and Baby have is to be quiet, be safe but here people talk, they laugh. It's loud, like Before. However, New Hope is filled with people, with life and that is hard to resist even for two battle hardened survivors like Amy and Baby.Now I realize this book needed a twist and we definitely get one with the introduction of New Hope, however I was a bit bummed how predictable corrupt New Hope actually ended up being. All I could think about was how closely it resembled the fictional town Woodbury from the series The Walking Dead. Just slap an eye patch on Dr. Reynold's and call him the Governor already. I did however like that the citizens weren't entirely clueless. However, like most other books none were willing to rock the boat out of fear.My only other disappointment with In The After was the introduction of The Ward. I really thought maybe it would end up being that Amy was in an institution all along and while the Doctors thought she was crazy she was actually prophesying The After. Sadly nope it just ended up being a place where bad citizens go to be "treated". I didn't like how the story jumped from one to the other. It did sort of kill the flow of the story and was one of the only real low points of the whole book. Thankfully by the end the pacing had picked right back up and I was certainly left excited for the next book whenever it's released. In The After might not be the most unique book I've ever read but once you throw in two very strong mc's, a swoonworthy guy and actually scary monsters you have what I'm calling one of the best Science Fiction books of the year. I highly suggest picking up In The After and giving it a go. If you only buy one Science Fiction book this year make it this one! With that being said, I will be rating In The After by Demitria Lunetta ★★★★.
  • (4/5)
    In The After is a book about a girl named Amy who is in the middle of an alien invasion. Later now Amy finds a baby that she calls baby. Next Amy and Baby start seeing ship that Amy and baby believe belong to the creatures. Soon Amy and Baby find a girl named Amber that got Amy and Baby's shelter taken away form a group of boys.After that one of the ships catch Amy and Baby to Amy's surprise was filled with people. The ship took Amy and Baby to a protected place from the creatures called new hope. New hope has a strict set of rules that Amy wants to avoid by becoming a guardian.Soon after a group of creatures now called Floreas Breaks in and almost destroys new hope.Later Amy is sent to the ward which is basically a prison. Later Amy's friends help break her out of the ward. Lastly Amy leaves new hope and baby to not be put in the ward again and Amy starts her new goal to go to a place called Fort Black.
  • (5/5)
    This book was excellent. I started reading it one night, after the power went out. I lost track of time, as I sat there, reading by candlelight. Hours ticked by, and finally, the power came back on. I was about 2/3 through this book, when I went back to whatever I was doing before the power went out. But, I couldn't shake this book. So, I went back to it, and finished it that night. I just couldn't put it down.

    It's the story of an alien invasion. A young girl named Amy is stranded, after her parents were killed. She bunkers down in her house, which was quite fortified, because her parents were crazy hippy survivalist nuts. The house even had an electric fence that surrounded it, which actually help keep the aliens out.

    She watches as the invaders tear through town, feasting on sweet human flesh. She stays quiet, because she learns that the aliens have extra sensitive hearing. She finds a girl in a supermarket who is only a couple years old, but somehow she had survived the attack. The toddler tries to talk, but Amy keeps her quiet, and even teaches her sign language, from a book her parents had in their library.

    While I was getting near the end of this book, I was worried. I kept thinking of ways the author could screw up the ending. But I was pleasantly surprised. The ending was just as good as the rest of the book, if not better. It was just fucking amazing.
  • (4/5)
    “After They came, I did not leave my house for three weeks. The broadcasts stopped after the first few days, but they were not helpful anyway. They kept repeating the same things. Aliens had landed, they were not friendly, half of the planet was dead.They were horrifyingly fast, traveling across the globe at an alarming pace. They didn’t destroy buildings or attack our resources, like in so many crappy Hollywood movies. They wanted us. They hungered for us” (9). A large, unexplained object lands, hosting thousands of hungry, predatory “Them” that rapidly kill, eat, and take over every continent and city. Amy is alone at home when it happens, and barricades herself inside, thanks to her father’s foresight. When all becomes quiet, too quiet, Amy ventures outside the safe boundaries of her house to scavenge and find survivors. She ends up rescuing a toddler, whom she calls “Baby,” and they live three years in silence, as “Them” are attracted to noise.Eventually, Amy and Baby are rescued by an elite, organized force that resides in New Hope, a highly-regulated society of survivors. Amy’s mother is the director and assures her daughter that the confining rules of New Hope are for the betterment of future mankind. When Amy stumbles upon experiments involving the fearsome Them, she begins to realize her mother is not telling her everything.In The After is a 2015 Lone Star-awarded book, and for good reason – the writing is smoothly-paced, the action has peaks and valleys, and the subject matter of the book is fascinating, albeit in a morbid way. Those in the lower grades, like sixth and seventh, might not be the best audience for this gruesome subject matter and grotesque descriptions of Them eating people: “The creatures pounced, not bothering to kill their prey before feeding. They ripped skin and flash from their victims, who screeched in agony” (14) and “They feed for a long time, eating every bit of their dead, their sharp teeth chewing through skin, muscle, and bone. Their feeding noises sicken me, slurps with the occasional crunch” (68). So, gird your iron stomach and go ahead and read this, but don't say I didn't warn you.
  • (4/5)
    The world has been attacked by Florae and Amy thinks she is the only survivor. Any noises attract the aliens.Amy had nothing and no one until she met Baby. Baby was only a little girl when Amy met her,but she grows up. Amy and Baby have a secret sign language so they can communicate in silence..Amy has and Baby are taken to the New Hope to live without the Florae. Baby fits right in,but Amy is put in a gifted group and starts making friends. Amy decides she wants to hunt the Florae, but finds out that her mom she found in the New Hope, knows how the Florae came about. Amy wants to hunt the Florae and kill them, but she finds out that Vivian her new friend was turned into one. The Florae was a scientific breakout, and Amy’s mom was part of it.Demetria Lunetta had an idea that developed into something so much more.This is story about survival and making the impossible possible. She has created an unforgettable story that shows what love really is and how to make the best of the worst. Ms. Lunetta has written an extraordinary sci-fi story. Just when you think all is well, the world is shaken up.
  • (1/5)
    In the book the protagonist, Amy watches on the news as the so called 'them' land in a major city. The time and location of the event is not told. 'They' are identified by news crews as aliens. The aliens hunger for human flesh constantly and can run as fast as cars. Amy survives by bieng extremely quiet and hididng in her house which has an electric fence, because her mother was a government official. Amy presumes her parents are dead and lives a life of solitude, she has a decent rooftop garden which sustains her. The solar pannels on her house power the electric fence day and night. When amy becomes particulary hungry one night she travels to a supermarket and finds a toddler who she names baby. The toddler has obviously been very quiet so amy takes her home. While living with baby a helicopter comes down one day and captures Amy and baby. They are taken to a survivor city called new hope. The scientists there are very secritive and amy's curious nature gets in her in to mild trouble. One day she finds out that her mother is at new hope and wanders into a lab where they are testing 'them' with suringes. Amy discovers that 'they' where all originaly people and the infection started when a researcher broke his test tube of the toxin and became a monster. The plague rapidly spread after that. Amy escapes new hope and hopes that her mother is ok.
  • (5/5)
    This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down. I'm pretty sure it just became one of my favorites.
  • (2/5)
    One of the things that bothers me most in reading is the poorly executed, embarrassingly bad book that has received high praise elsewhere. One example is Mira Grant's Feed, whose awards I found frustrating and misplaced. But that's another topic. In the After is not in that category, but the rejoinder is that it hasn't won awards. I will give no spoilers, but the book reads like something written by an eager but inexperienced high school student. What appears intended as foreshadowing is actually telegraphing. There are few surprises. The book cannot rest on our interest in the protagonist, because she is insufficiently fleshed out to make up for the missteps that made me cringe. Read at your own risk.
  • (3/5)
    Title: In the AfterAuthor: Demitria LunettaRelease Date: June 25, 2013Publisher: Harper TeenSource: Edelweiss DRCGenre(s): YA Science Fiction, YA Dystopia, Alien InvasionRating: ★★★☆☆Review Spoilers: ModerateGoodReads AmazonIf you’re looking for something a bit different in your young adult dystopian travels you might want to check out In the After by Demitria Lunetta. It’s a great little blend of classic dystopian, survivalist fiction and some fairly fresh ideas and concepts – which is nice when you consider just how many young adult dystopian novels we’re seeing these days. Each one is pressed to set itself apart and In the After certainly does that.The book follows a teenage girl named Amy who has been surviving largely on her own after an apparently alien invasion. It reads almost a bit like a zombie book because though there are supposed to be aliens out there Amy and other survivors have never seen anything smart enough to conquer – only these terrible creatures that track their prey by sound alone. Luckily for Amy, her father was a bit of an Eco warrior and their house was well suited to recycle water, operate basic electronics on solar power, and keep her and the young girl she found and took in fed off the food in the garden. Amy and Baby – the little girl she found and raised – live together in total silence, fearful that any small sound could bring the aliens to their doorstep. But the aliens aren’t the only dangers out there. People can be just as bad. And though Amy and Baby manage to survive a good three years on their own all good things must come to an end.After the two are chased away from Amy’s family home they are rescued by a group of people in what seems to be an ideal community. In what is a fantastic spin on the overdone religious cult storyline this community is a bit cult like. But they do not worship a god – they worship science and the promise of a rebuilt world. In some ways it’s very Giver-esque with children assigned to jobs and those in society who are generally useless cast out. There are strict rules about families reproduction, and education with everything focused on advancing humanity and reviving society. Amy has always been a very strong-willed and smart girl and she’s more than proven that she can take care of herself in the crazy world outside the safety of the community. What she begins to find out, though, is that she may not be able to care of herself and Baby inside.Lunetta makes some really great choices in how she delivers her story and the plot excels with it’s various twists and turns both before Amy and Baby find refuge in the community and after.In particular, I like that the author doesn’t give the reader any really advanced clues when it comes to the truth behind the invasion. And she doesn’t present us with perfect characters. The world she builds is a little unbelievable at times but it’s not hard to get into the story and wonder what will happen next.No matter how you look at the book, though, the strongest part is the main character – Amy.In the ‘after’ – as Amy considers the world after the invasion – Amy learned to be very self sufficient. And she didn’t learn everything all at once. She was lucky that her father was generally pretty prepared and left her in a house accustomed to this sort of world. And I like that. I like that Amy wasn’t just this super girl who knew what to do. In the early days she was just a sad, lonely girl who retreated into herself. After she found Baby things changed. She learned to take care of herself and another. She taught Baby sign language and developed a special sort of sign language for them when the basic ASL books she had weren’t enough. Sometimes she seems a little too extreme. But I think that anyone who went from surviving on their own from a young age to being forced back into a rigid, uncompromising society would probably be much the same. And who cares? It’s always nice to have strong female characters.The reader discovers all the secrets and horrors of the world and of the community as Amy does and there seems to be quite a lot to discover. How Amy reacts, the relationships she builds, and the way the community is effected and operates are all fairly well developed. I know that I was so drawn into all of it that it took me less than a day to finish this book because I wanted to know everything as soon as I could.I am confident that anyone else would feel quite the same. Like pretty much every book ever written – it’s not perfect. But it’s a really fun read. And it sets itself up for some interesting sequels. There is a whole lot more of this world to discover, a whole lot more secrets to reveal. I look forward to the chance to find them out as Amy does.
  • (3/5)
    Amy is living in a silent world in order to keep the alien creatures that invaded earth from devouring her whole. Her only company a toddler she named Baby.This book is exactly what I want in a futuristic, Earth has gone to shit scenario; fast paced, awesome characters, and top notch world building. I connected with Amy very quickly. The way the author presents her and her thoughts just made it so easy. I found myself empathizing with her and her plight within the first chapter. It is rare that I connect with a character so quickly.The pacing was practically perfect. Filled with edge of your seat action. Even the parts that focus on Amy hiding out in her home kept me frantically wanting to know what was to come next.(Minor complaints)I felt the novel lost some of its momentum in the middle, but thankfully it picked back up quickly. The love interest. Was. Not. Feeling. It. Hoping he'll grow on me as the series continues.(End of minor complaints)In the After is a novel that is both engaging and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed this series start and can't wait for more!
  • (4/5)
    Amy is in her living room when it happens , when ''them'' come. They attack her world leaving her alone. Amy quickly has to adapt to living in a silent but deadly world. Behind the safety of her house she survives. When she finds baby in an abandoned supermarket, a toddler that managed to survive, she posed as a threat. Amy and Baby though soon build a strong relationship. Soon they figure out they were not the only ones that survived and quickly flee their protective home. When all seems lost they are rescued , and taken to New Hope. New Hope though slowly In the After, By Demitria Lunetta is about a girl named Amy. In my opinion I don't think Amy's character was given much development when the book started out. Though through out the book she was given a bit more character. Other then that this book was great! I Liked the fact that the book was scary and kept you in suspense but not scary enough to keep someone up to the point where they can't sleep. The ending is what frustrated me , it was a cliff-hanger and I didn't like that. Overall I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it for young adult readers , rather than kids. I gave this book a 4 star rating because it was written quite well , but some parts of the story were confusing and it seems that some characters and events weren't needed. I enjoyed this book though and highly recommend it to those who like a good scare.
  • (3/5)
    Amy was watching TV when she first learned of them. They hear the most silent of footsteps. They are faster than anything you've ever seen and they won't stop chasing you until your dead. As far as Amy knows she is the only human left in the after. She was safe behind her electric fence that her scientist mom had put up to protect her top-secret work. When Amy is getting food one night she discovers a little girl silently eating grapes making no noise what so ever. Amy can’t just leave her there so she takes her home with her and names her baby. They form a modified type of sign language, which they use to communicate. After a few years they find amber and baby fall instantly in love with her. It turn out amber was using them to find a place for her gang to live safely. Baby and Amy are forced to leave and live outside. One day the notice black objects in the sky that is taking the creatures away. A few days later they are captured and taken away to New Hope. There she discovers her mother is still alive and she now has a baby brother. Amy finds out that the creatures are called flora and are people that have been infected not aliens, because of her knowledge Amy must escape new hope and go to fort black leaving baby behind. In The After was not the best book. It was very confusing in the third part. one minute you where reading about her in the ward the next she wasn't in the ward. I did enjoy the first and second part of the book. Those two parts where very interesting. There is a second book that i would like to read that will hopefully help me understand this book.
  • (3/5)
    Amy was watching TV the first time she saw Them. They are vile creatures that are wiping out the human race very quickly. Amy, safe behind her house’s electric fence, survives the initial onslaught that They brought upon the world. After overcoming the shock that all her friends and family were probably dead she starts to take care of herself. She starts to raid grocery stores’ and other peoples house during the night making no noise as if she was a shadow. She is on one of her raids when she finds a little baby girl in a grocery store eating old grapes without making a single sound. She takes the girl home and is amazed by her skills of stealth and her amazing hearing. Amy names the girl baby and they develop their own version of sign language to communicate. After three years of Amy and Baby surviving together they meet a girl who is barely surviving on one of their raids. They decide to take the girl home and find out her name is Amber. Soon Amber betrays them to a gang and they have too flee from their safe haven and try to survive in the dangerous city. They start to notice black shapes appear in the sky and just hover in the air for a few hours before flying away. One day while Amy and Baby are walking they get captured by one of these ships and get taken to a place called New Hope. New Hope is a human safe-haven that was established after the invasion. Amy finds out that her mother is in fact alive and well in New Hope. She learns many things including that she has a baby brother and that They are actually called Florae. However things take a turn for the worse when the Florae attack New Hope and kill many of its citizens. Amy finds out that the Florae are not aliens, they are people that were infected by a lab-made disease and turned into these creatures. In her efforts too expose the truth she becomes an outlaw and has too run away without Baby to Fort Black in Houston where she can maybe find a way to stop the virus. This book I would have to say, was OK. IT wasn’t the best book ever because there were many gaps in the story and the chronology of it was very confusing. I think the idea is great, a teenager adapting to a harsh world overrun by vicious creatures. I lost interest in the story by the time they went to New Hope. Now I didn’t completely hate the book, the characters were very interesting to learn about and I would want to know more. I thought the way the author wrote every gruesome, gritty detail about Amy’s world was very good. The climax of the story I would have to say was either when Amy arrived at New Hope or when she found out the Floraes were human. I can’t wait to read the sequel to see what happens to Amy, Baby and the world itself.
  • (5/5)
    Say one day you get home and sit down and watch TV. Then you flip to a news channel and you read the headlines " THEY HAVE CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" then the news newsreporter is eaten and the cameraman too. You see out of the fallen camera a small fast green creature with razor sharp teeth and sharp claws. This is how Amy starts in the alien apocalypse. She tries to get a holed of her hippie dad and her scientist mom . When she can't get reach her parents Amy learns how to adapt to the after. By being quiet and fast. She runs to get food supplies everything is normal in the after till she finds a baby she names this baby "baby". Baby has a mysterious mark on the back of her neck and she been bitten by one of these aliens. One day while a florae almost eats Amy but Baby and Amy are saved by a helicopter. They are taken to a place called New Hope where she finds her mother. After being there a while she finds out that the aliens are human and its a bacteria that transforms then in the end Amy escapes New Hope to leave to Fort black since New Hope is not safe for her Amy is a silent fast girl trying to survive in the after. Baby is a three year old who somehow survived pretty long in the after. Baby has the hearing of a dog and she knows how to speak in sign language with Amy. These floraes are really fast and have the ears of a dog. There green and have razor sharp claws. That would be cool to have. I like how they make it real cause when she goes out to get food she picks the cans cause everything else is spoiled like the apples and oranges. When they get to new hope the categorize all the children and few brave people make it into the guardians which are elite florae killers the kinda like seal team just without the cool weapons.
  • (4/5)
    In the After by Demitria Lunetta is a post-apocalyptic tale of survival.One day Amy is watching TV while her mom is at work and her dad is at the market when the news gets disturbing. Finally focusing, Amy realizes that aliens have landed and they are hungry. In hours most people are dead. Amy survives by not leaving her house and studying the aliens, which she call Them. Thankfully, her mom was security conscience and there is an electric fence around her house that They cannot penetrate. Amy figures out how to avoid being eaten by these creatures who really aren't smart, just lethal. On one foraging trip, Amy finds Baby and takes her home. Baby is a survivor; she can be still and she hears amazingly well. They have each other.Of course in all post-apocalyptic tales, you have the good and the bad, which can be debated. Amy meets some of the bad elements left over but, mostly, she and Baby are alone. The novel takes a turn about half-way through when we learn about other survivors and how they have lived. It's a tense, thrilling novel. Would you survive?
  • (5/5)
    This book is about a 16-year old girl named Amy. Amy lived in a good World until one day. Amy was watching TV and her family were all gone. Her Mother works in a scietific Lab and her dad was a
  • (5/5)
    Amy and Baby survived Them for years. They hid away in Amy's house behind the protection of a barbed wire fence and an abundance of solar power energy. They run out and get food at night when They are asleep. Amy and Baby are some of the last humans left. Or so they think. When Amy and Baby are forced to leave their home, they are found by a ship, that when on board, contains other survivors. They are taken to New Hope, where everything is great. There is plenty of food and safety from Them. Everything is fine until Amy realizes something that changes everything... In the After is an amazing book. It is scary, suspenseful, unexpected, and above all amazing. I loved this book for its unexpected ending and for all the things you never would expect, which takes up half the book. The author, Demitria Lunetta, spends her days studying how humans can bring upon their own doom, which definitely shows up in the book. Throughout the book you believe something big, but at the end, you realize its not true. This book is fantasy, but is so terrifically written you think its real. This book scares you half to death, makes you so happy you could cry, and makes you so sad you can barley breathe. This book is truly a work of art.
  • (4/5)
    This is a great YA dystopian novel. The action is fast, leaving you on the edge of your seat. I held my breath when Amy found Baby. I cherished their relationship as it grew and deepened. My heart was in my throat when Amy and Baby were taken to New Hope; as they discovered what had truly happened and realized what was going to happen next. I can't tell if I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment or am dreading it because I don't want to see what happens in case its not how I would have liked it to be. So many dystopian YA's have gut wrenching endings I don't know if I can stand another!
  • (5/5)
    I really love this book!! It is one of my favorites. I got really uncomfortable when Amy met Jake. I honestly, was glad that he died becuase, he was creepy and a pedo!! Amy was really smart!! She taught Baby sign language! That is pretty impresive! Summary: One day, Amy is watching TV when the president intrudes her broadcast. He explains the invasion of the unknown species. When those creatures invade, they kill half of the planet! This monsters don't like darkness or thunder and rain. Amy's dad is gone and her mom is working at her job in the government. Amy survives in her house for a couple weeks then she runs out of food and goes out at night to scavenge. She goes to a store and meets a 3 or 4 year old child and names her Baby. They survive together for 3 years so far!! And they continue their quest, for survival...
  • (5/5)
    What's better than aliens? Zombies! And what's better than that? Zombie aliens!

    I love post-apocalyptic novels, especially zombie ones. This book has good characterization, great setting descriptions, and a wonderful emotional appeal.

    I would like to think that I could be one of the last survivors, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I would probably be one of the first to die. Maybe if I read enough of these novels I can learn some extra survival skills to make it through the first days of the end of the world.
  • (5/5)
    This had a twist I did not see coming! It was a well written YA post apocalyptic story but not what I expected. Since I read A LOT of this genre that is saying something. Well done!
  • (4/5)
    How well would you cope if one day your dad was at the store, your mom is also away from the house and the world is turned upside down in a heartbeat. Them appear and in a very short time, civilization crumbles as these flesh-eating, super quick creatures start killing everyone. Amy is lucky because her dad set their house up to be as close to self-sufficient as possible. She has solar power, water and an electric fence that repels the creatures when they come near. It doesn't take long for her to go from an average teen, worrying about peers and guys, to being able to outwit, and if necessary, kill the scary predators that are now a huge part of her reality.One scavenging trip garners her a completely unexpected prize in Baby. The toddler is hiding in a store when Amy goes there to scavenge canned goods. She takes Baby home with her and for several years, they survive, bond and even create their own sign language. When Amy makes the mistake of rescuing Amber and taking her in, the new girl brings her friends to the safe compound and Amy and Baby must flee. Their journey through the scary world that remains, eventually lands them at New Hope, a colony of survivors hoping to start over and find a way to destroy Them.However, all isn't as it seems in New Hope. Amy makes several startling discoveries as her curiosity forces her to investigate things that don't make sense in the new place. She pays a painful price for her knowledge, both physically and emotionally. In the end, she's faced with a decision that is a neat lead into the next book which I'll be reading and reviewing shortly.This isn't for younger teens or anyone squeamish because of the flesh devouring Them and the violence accompanying their behavior, but fans of really overwhelming dystopia will like this one a lot.
  • (5/5)
    Amy is home alone when it happens. "They" have come. They are the floreas, green discusting monsters that eat humans. The human race is wiped out except for Amy. Amy now lives in silence, alone. The only thing keeping Amy safe is and electric fence that perimeters her house. Amy was surviving off of her fathers vegetable garden which limited her diet to tomatoes. The plants were dying and Amy needed food to survive. Amy bravely leaves her house and raids the shelfs of canned food in a grocery store. In that grocery store Amy finds a 3 year old shovleing her face with grapes. Amy takes the girl and protects her, and names the girl Baby. Amy and Baby make up their own form of sign language and survive in peace for years. About three years pass when Amy and Baby found a teenager standing nervously in front of a grocery store. Baby convinces Amy to take the girl home to live with them. The girls name is Amber, and Amber soon betrays Amy and Baby retreating to a gang lead by her brother. Amy and Baby are more careful than ever now that there are more humans alive that will do anything to survive. Soon after the depart of Amber, Baby and Amy notice black hovering objects in the sky. At first, Amy thought they could me ships from the floraes, until she and Baby were captured by one. The hovering ships had humans in them, taking other humans in the After to a place called New Hope. After being taken from the After, Amy discovers that new hope is run by her mother who turns out to be alive. This book was probably the best book i have ever read. It was a little confusing here and there but i still enjoyed it. It was a quick read and a real page turner, as the reviews from famous people say. The book had a lot of action and a little drama, considering that many close people to Amy died. I also liked the fact that there was no boring dramatic, romance parts. I would definitely suggest this book to people who like action stories.