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Texas Anthem

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Texas Anthem

Longueur: 295 pages7 heures


He left home a boy. Returned a man. And rode out again a renegade...

At the Bonnet Ranch they thought Johnny Anthem had died on the Mexican border. But then Anthem came home, escaped from the living hell of a Mexican prison, and returned to find the woman he loved married to the man who betrayed him. For Johnny Anthem, the time had come to face his betrayer, to stand up to the powerful rancher who had raised him as his own son, and to fight for the only love of his life. And when the battle between Anthem and the Bonnet started shaking the blood-stained hills of the mescalero country, good men and bad would choose sides, and a new legend would be born...

Texas Anthem is Kerry Newcomb's epic novel of family, fortune, murder and love, as a young man is driven from his adopted home-to find his soul and his future in a place called Texas...

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