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Motorcycle_Myths and Facts

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Motorcycle_Myths and Facts

Longueur: 35 pages15 minutes


Since the 1800's, some version of the motorcycle ranging from steam-powered to petroleum-powered was being used overseas and in the United States as an alternative mode of transport to the traditional use of bicycles, cars and trains. So the fact that motorcycles have grown into an international sport similar to race car sports is not a surprise to the motorcycle industry; but the increase of women riding motorcycles is, resulting in the industry scrambling to adopt motorcycles to fit women, and designing appropriate riding gear that is comfortable and fits well.

Yes, the industry has changed to include women riders but the risk of two-wheel motorcycle riding is the same for men and women; but there is additional risk for women which are generated by some male motorcycle clubs, and a few female motorcycle clubs trying to prove to themselves that they are as bad as motorcycle gangs populated by men.

Riding motorcycles, interacting with other motorcyclist, and attending events in the motorcycle community are great fun for all bikers; but safety for women riders is still controlled by the number of comrades that surround you. To paint this community and life-style as glamorous would be unjust to women.

All motorcycle riders (men and women) should know something about the history of the motorcycle, the AMA, the FIM, gangs, safety, riding gear, and more. Women should know about past women motorcycle riders and other matters.

Learn more about this sport and women riders from the eyes of a female motorcyclist.

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