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Grand Teton National Park: A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1

Grand Teton National Park: A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1

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Grand Teton National Park: A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1

186 pages
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Nov 20, 2011


This is a photographer's shooting guide for Jackson Hole, WY complete with photos of all locations and links to Google map pointers to pinpoint each exact shooting location. This replaces "Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide" with updated information and an additional 30 sites for a total of 115 great sites to photograph the Teton Mountains.

Nov 20, 2011

À propos de l'auteur

I'm a semi-pro photographer in the strict sense. That is to say, I do not make a living solely by photography...I do, like many who call themselves a "pro' , have a full time job outside of photography. I'm the author of three ebooks 1) "Grand Teton National Park - A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1" 2) "Arches National Park - A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide I" and 3) "A Photographer's Milky Way Processing Guide - A Photoshop Howto," And given my June 12-23, 2014 trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I will complete my fourth ebook soon -- "Grand Teton National Park - A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 2" which will have 70+ additional sites over and above my first ebook based on photography in Jackson Hole. In these photography shooting guides, I make extensive use of Google satellite map marker where for each site in the ebook I have an associated photo. The reader simply clicks on any photo and the web browser immediately opens the webpage for the Google satellite map marker whereby the reader may easily see the exact site I stood for the photo but more importantly see the road system to the exact site. I am a photo tour guide and yearly lead two three day sunrise to sunset photo adventure tours in Jackson Hole, WY, home of the majestic Teton Mountains where I also lead Milky Way night sky workshops with light painting objects like the historic Moulton barns and Mormon Row house. No other photo tour host / guide I know of offers this value. Outside of my Milky Way night sky workshops, I'm also involved in daytime and Milky Way night sky time lapse work. In July 2013 I participated in the millennial celebration of the historic Moulton Barns in Jackson Hole, WY (USA) by donating two 24x36 inch canvas prints for auction for the preservation of these two barns. Locally, in my current home town, I provide presentations of my Jackson Hole photos from time to time to the photography club and also instructions on the use of GND filters and Photoshop post processing. My photos are currently represented by Getty Images and may be seen on several websites. My images found on Getty were first discovered on my Flickr page. Landscape Photography Magazine selected one of my photos of a sunrise on the Grand Teton among many photos submitted by numerous fine art photographers as the photo of the week ... http://landscapephotographymagazine.com/2014/hedricks-pond-overlook-jackson-hole-wyoming-usa/ This past mid-May through mid-June 2014, I lead two three day sunrise to sunset photo shoot adventure tours in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA). Also, within that time frame, I lead five Milky Way night sky workshops where I took my participants through setting up their camera settings for optimal Milky Way night sky capture. After everyone's camera settings were established, I took everyone through several Milky Way exposures tests with different light balance, ISO settings with varying exposure durations. Given this workshop scenario, once the participant begins to process their Milky Way photos, each one will be able to determine what is the best settings for their own camera the next time they are out shooting the Milky Way and night sky from three categories: 1) early blue hour, 2) mid-to-late blue hour and 3) dark sky conditions. People are finding out camera settings used to shoot the Milky Way night sky are not the same from one camera manufacturer to another. During the third weekend in March 2015, I will be leading a 4 night Milky Way night sky workshop in Moab, Utah (USA). The dates are March 20-24. Additionally, in 2015, I will be conducting numerous Milky Way night sky workshops in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the beautiful Teton mountains in late June and early July. All workshops will include light painting various objects from numerous arches and Balanced Rock in Moab, Utah to the historic Moulton barns and Mormon Row home in Jackson Hole. When you have a moment, check out a few of my Milky Way night sky photos at www.flickr.com/photos/wrtrekker In 2015, I have added two additional 4 day photo adventure tours: 1) Glacier National Park (Sept. 4-6) and 2) Colorado fall colors (Oct. 9-12). If you are interested in attending one or more of these workshop, please send me an email at ... wrtrekker@yahoo.com and specify which one you are most interested in. Also, my 2015 Jackson Hole, Wyoming Milky Way night sky workshops will be from June 26-28 Please check my Flickr profile page from time to time next year for any additional dates I may add to the July dates at https://www.flickr.com/people/wrtrekker/ Best of luck and thanks for your interest in my ebooks.

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Aperçu du livre

Grand Teton National Park - Jerry Patterson

Grand Teton National Park

A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1

By Jerry T. Patterson

(Updated and expanded November 2014)

Formerly titled Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide

Copyright © 2011 Jerry T Patterson

All photographs copyrighted

Distributed by Smashwords

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table Of Contents




Google Satellite Map Markers


Sneak Peek

Jackson Hole Shooting Locations Overview

Grand Teton National Park Photography EBook 1 Site List

Jackson Hole Restaurants

Appendix A - Shadow Mountain Road points

Appendix B - Gros Ventre Road points

Appendix C - Wilson Road points

Other EBooks By The Author


In November of 2011, this ebook was first published under the title Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide.

Since then I have been back in Jackson Hole no less than six times and have taken photos from many, many additional sites, a lot from off the beaten path, different trails and various lakes which are rarely visited by the usual tourist or photographer who visits Jackson Hole. As a result of those visits, I have acquired so many additional photos from sites with great views of the Tetons from sunrise to sunset and from spring to the fall that I have decided to add some of those photos to this ebook and thereby give the reader more info on a visit to Jackson Hole and give me more room in ebook 2 of the same title.

Because of the additional photos from additional sites taken from 2012 to 2014, I have decided to update and expanded the original ebook and rename it to Grand Teton National Park - A Photographer's Site Shooting Guide 1. As the title implies, an ebook of the same name but guide 2 will be out and I plan to publish it in early 2015 with a possible shooting guide 3 should ebook 2 go over 10 megabytes which is the maximum size Smashwords.com will accept with compressed graphics.

After ebook 2 is published, I also plan to write another ebook solely on great sites to shoot various wildflowers throughout Jackson Hole to include lupine, Indian Paint Brush, the ubiquitous balsamroot, mule ear and eggs and butter to name a few.

You could pay upwards of 600+ dollars for a tour guide to take you throughout Jackson Hole, WY or you could save those hundreds of dollars and with this ebook and ebook 2, once it is published, have the most comprehensive photography site guide ebook for Jackson Hole over anyone else who may also have one on the same topic. And this is coming from one who leads/conducts two full three day sunrise to sunset photo shoot adventure tours in Jackson Hole each year. I certainly can take you to the best sites but so can this ebook and soon ebook 2 of the same title.

So enjoy this updated ebook and its new sites and info I have added to it.


Just about everyone has a story about how they discovered a place which they fell in love with. For some it was early in life via their parents and for others these areas were discovered later from what they read or saw or while doing their own thing with their friends and for some the areas were discovered from just following and living their passion.

I want to take you back to one winter day in January or February of 1989. I was at home watching a black & white western on the weekend. The movie was near its end as the main character was making his escape from an Indian attack. His escape was floating down a swift moving river on a hastily assembled raft.

Soon he passes along the river where I see the silhouettes of the dark mountains in the distant background after the sun had passed behind them. I remember saying, wow, where is that ?!! I had to watch the credits.

After what seemed forever, I had my answer. Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming scrolled by and my first reaction was that I had to go there. As the movie finally came to an end, I called my buddy and told him we have to go to this place I just saw on TV, not knowing that at the time a friend of his had moved to Kelly just north of Jackson, WY three years earlier.

That spring we made our flight reservations for Jackson and stayed there from September 10 through the 22nd. And the rest is history.


First, let me say that when you fly into Jackson, WY, find out during the flight to Jackson if they will be landing north-to-south. If they are, you want a window seat on the left as you enter the plane. This way you'll be in awe when you see the Tetons out your window when making the approach for landing.

The Teton mountain range is directly north of Jackson. Below you see a winter shot of both the town of Jackson and the Tetons in the distance. Not very large is it?

With regard to this ebook, by Tetons I mean the entire range of mountains in the Teton Range from the Grand Teton, to Mt. Owen, Teewinot, Mt. Saint John, Rockefeller Peak, Mt. Woodring and Mt. Moran which, as described, run south to north as one faces the Tetons.

South | ————— Teton Range ———————————— | North —>

As one uses this guide and drives north out of Jackson, WY along Rt. 191, the main road in and out of Jackson, looking out the driver's side window, this mountain range will always be visible. Route 191/89 will be your main road of orientation almost no matter where you are.

This guide will take you to all the must-shoot locations; the ones you have already seen pictures of and said about 500 oh, my gosh to and then to many more that people are not aware of. And it is the latter that will heighten your sense of adventure as you explore and drive to photo locations as this ebook offers so many different views of the Tetons where often you'll have the view all to yourself.

As a result, this guide will best serve the widest range of people visiting Jackson Hole from the tourist with a point-and-shoot camera to the die-hard professionals with all their DSLRs, expensive tripods, crazy lenses and a hand full of different circular and GND/ND filters. Almost all locations are a matter of just driving up to, pulling over and walking a short distance. A few will require a short five to ten minute walk and a few involving lakes may require a 20-35 minute easy hike like Phelps, Taggart and Leigh Lakes.

Google Satellite Map Markers

In this ebook I make extensive use of location map markers inside Google Satellite. This is a real cool tool with which I can better show you the exact location from which these scenic shots were taken.

How do they work? If you are using an e-reader, using an iPad or other touch screen device, to include a smart phone, all you have to do is click or tap on the photo, any photo. That's it. Although not a photo, click on the word Triangle X Ranch overlooks to test this functionality in your browser.

You will immediately be taken to the internet to the Google satellite view of this location. At this point you may switch between satellite or map view by clicking their respective buttons on the top right of the Google map You may then click on the + or -

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