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The Great Mormon Conspiracy

The Great Mormon Conspiracy

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The Great Mormon Conspiracy

425 pages
5 heures
May 8, 2012


Presented as a dialogue between Grandmother and Granddaughter, Mormon history and its beliefs unfold as never before. Grandmother, convinced of the legitimacy of Joseph Smith, discloses to an inquisitive teen the betrayal and deceit she has uncovered in a forty-year quest for the truth. What unfolds is a complex drama that transformed Joseph Smith’s focus on the eternal into a gospel fixated on the flesh. A transformation paved on a trail of blood that would necessitate the eventual murdering of Joseph Smith and other family members at the hands of his own followers disguised as a mob. A trail that would climax thousands of miles away in a desert where the leader of this deceit, Brigham Young, would bring the United States Government down upon the church by orchestrating the slaughter of a wagon train. Unimaginable brutality for the four thousand dollars in gold they carried that was desperately needed to finance Brigham Young’s obsessions. The story concluded with the self-appointed leader taking his own life rather than facing justice at the hands of a nation who waited patiently with canons aimed at his estate.

May 8, 2012

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The Great Mormon Conspiracy - Alta Lyon



Alta G. Lyon


Monte G. Lyon

The Great Mormon Conspiracy

©Alta G. Lyon and Monte G. Lyon 2006


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ISBN 13: 978-1-932993-62-2 (E-Book)

Edited by Janet Elaine Smith

Front Cover Design by Mel Lyon

Cover Design by Star Publish LLC

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To my family:

Monte, for his extensive editing and research and suggestion that the document unfold through a teaching relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter; Charles for his faithful continuous proofreading, and Melvin, Ann, Wayne, Dallas and my late husband Lloyd, for their constant encouragement and support.

Alta Lyon


That which usually precedes any claim of qualified editorship—academic degrees, rewards, letters, appointments and any other worldly honor as proof of scholarship—is nonexistent.

Only a love and addiction to history—true history—and a determination to discover it produced the following narrative.

Over forty years were spent studying the beautiful eternal principles restored through Joseph Smith, President of this Dispensation of Truth.

Nevertheless, this extensive research also revealed that a magnificent being, still in darkness, sought refuge under this important dispensation, with feigned righteousness, to express his obsession with power and the passions of the flesh.

This being changed the perfection of the Restoration, difficult to live, into a hodgepodge of enticements for the natural man, which met the welcoming arms of many who would claim leadership, eliminating those appalled by the evil doctrine in greater authoritative positions than himself so he could gain control of the church.

These new concepts were first introduced subtly and secretly and not preached openly until the saints had reached the confines of the Great Salt Lake Desert, thus most of the lay-members of the church were not aware of the evil doctrine which was also being introduced as coming from God to Joseph Smith, rendering the reputation of the Godhead and their prophet infamous. Nevertheless, some of the erroneous doctrine would reach the status of Divine Truth and become that which is almost impossible to reevaluate: tradition. Therefore, decades have turned the leaves of time into complete complacency—that all went well in Zion.

This is the untold story, as related by a grandmother to a granddaughter.

False prophets always arise to oppose the true prophets,

and they will prophecy so very near the truth that they will deceive

almost the very chosen ones.

The devil always sets up his kingdom at the very same time

in opposition to God.

The Words of Joseph Smith, pg. 367


If I had to choose one word to describe my grandmother, it would be eccentric. Her lifestyle was far from the norm, and so it was the constant subject of discussion at family gatherings.

Each of her six children had their own story to tell. My dad’s revolved around the jogging experience that happened back when it was not fashionable to jog in public. Painfully, he would relate how the whole family was forced to jog around the block, eliciting a shower of smirks and embarrassing glances.

Others mussed over her good health agenda, as she was strict about the revelation known as The Word of Wisdom. Wheat was for man and the staff of life, she would say, and she had large sacks of wheat stored in her basement. My dad told me Grandma had always ground fresh wheat and made her own bread. He still tells the story of eating, for the first time, bologna and mustard on white bread at a friend’s house.

Refined sugar had long been considered an evil, so desserts at their house were sweetened with honey, and although they at first were classified not edible, they eventually, through Grandma’s persistence, graduated into delicious, and I have heard that even neighbors asked for her recipes. I like the fact that the whole family prefers fruit as a treat, all thanks to Grandma.

I don’t see it as that big a deal, but I do not pay too much attention to her passion with health and take comfort in at least knowing she will probably live to a very old age.

I’m also glad that we all carry on her love for books. I have fond memories of her reading to me at bedtime, just like she did to my dad.

But the enigma surrounding Grandma is her allegiance to Joseph Smith, who began an organization with which she no longer associates. No one is certain why she stopped participating in the Mormon Church, and even stranger is the fact that most of the books she continues to read are all about the church.

Any attempt to find out the reason for her behavior ended up in family arguments, so I did not dare attempt to approach her personally to inquire.

To me, she has been very tender, kind and loving, always interested in hearing what was going on in my world. I did not want to do anything that would mar this relationship, which began very early, when I was a little chubby freckle-faced redhead, and I was certain I would remain homely. I remember one time that Grandma took me to the mirror and pointed out all the fine facial features I possessed and predicted I would grow up to be beautiful. Because she had been such a support to my upbringing with her love and understanding, I felt a great need to reciprocate in some manner, but how? And then there was the constant nagging question as to why she had left that which she still seemed to love. It was all so mind-boggling.

One Easter Sunday we were all gathered at her place for dinner. I decided then and there that I would confront her. When everyone was in the living room for casual conversation except Grandma, I knew immediately that she was at the computer in her bedroom. Hesitantly, I peeked around the open door. Grandma was typing, but also listening to the conversation in the other room. Without looking up, she said, Come in, Stacey.

How did she know I was there? I must have been breathing heavily. She motioned to a chair already at the side of her desk, as if she were waiting for someone to occupy it, but said nothing. All was silent. All remained silent. Why didn’t she say something? Maybe she knew I wanted to pry. Pry was not a good word. What I wanted was to ask a very appropriate question. Appropriate was probably not a good description. I would not ask the question. Finally I stammered, What are you doing?

Always direct and to the point, she stated, Writing about the Restored Gospel.

Hasn’t it already been written about?

Here and there, she stated. What I am doing is separating the original gospel from that which was added.

Define for me what you mean by ‘original gospel,’ Grandma, because I thought everything the Mormon Church taught was from that which had been restored and anything that could be added was just continued revelation.

Contradictory information is not the restored gospel and cannot be classified as continued revelation.

Suddenly, I found myself losing my timidity. My poor little old grandmother was bringing upon the whole family the disgrace of her getting excommunicated. Was she senile?

Whatever gave you the idea to do what you are doing? I asked, trying to hold back the anger.

Without hesitating one second she serenely answered, Polygamy.

Polygamy? I sputtered!

Yes, she answered, trying to listen to me and finish what she was typing.

What motivated you to write about polygamy?

Heartbreak was her brief answer.

Whose heartbreak are you concerned about? You never had to live in polygamy.

"The heartbreak of the poor women who had to live it. I was made aware of all this forty-five years ago when the Mormon author Sam Taylor gave your grandfather the book entitled Family Kingdom, a story about his father and his six wives. As your grandfather was not interested in reading it, he gave the book to me. I had never read anything about polygamy before, although I knew it was part of the Restoration. I remember once when the officers and servicemen at the Kearns Air Force Base where I worked as a secretary during World War II joked about polygamy, I foolishly attempted to defend its merits. But in spite of their easy humiliation of me in my ignorance, I was not interested in pursuing the subject further at that time.

"Although the book Family Kingdom did not tell me why it was lived, it informed me how it was lived, and this by a man who was an apostle and the son of John Taylor, a former president of the Church. Devastated, I began to read everything I could find in an effort to get a conviction of the practice. Sometimes I sat up all night reading book after book, but nothing helped. Most of what I read that was positive was written by men, very little by women. Finally, I began reading what was termed ‘apostate material,’ which was from individuals who had found out that many additions were made to original documentation, mostly after Joseph Smith’s martyrdom. They had found this out from comparing original records with present publications. I began to do the same."

You began reading apostate material?

"No, I began comparing original records with more recent publications of Church history. First I purchased Wilford Wood’s two volumes of Joseph Smith Begins His Work—photographic copies of the revelations published in 1833 (Book of Commandments) which included the same as was published in 1835, entitled the Doctrine and Covenants, which also included the 1830 publication of the Book of Mormon. I also purchased a new copy of the standard works of the church: Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and Book of Mormon.

As I read where Joseph Smith had advised everyone ‘to compare what he had restored with that which the ancient prophets had written,’ this was the main course I pursued in my lengthy endeavor, which is the reason I maintained a strong testimony of the Restored Truth. I even found out the positive and real purpose for polygamy being a part of the Restoration.

Then why have you left the Church?

It is a long story and encompasses the complete restoration of the Gospel and the deception involved, which would take hours to relate.

Are you interested in taking the time to relate it to anyone?

Of course.

Are you interested in discussing it with me, for instance? I asked in a tone that bordered on being overbearing.

Hmm, we’ll make the arrangements, she said, grinning at my enthusiasm.

I was ecstatic! Unbeknown to Grandma, I had just opened up the opportunity to bring her back into the Church.



It was almost two weeks before I found the time to spend with Grandma. We had no special day, just whenever I could come. At times I had been worried about agreeing to meet with her, as she was apostate, and I feared this could also influence me. But then again, how could she possibly influence someone who had such a testimony of the Restored Truth? I attended all of the Church meetings all of the time, had read through the Book of Mormon once, and had even been baptized many times for the dead. Grandma hadn’t attended Church in years and as that was such a worry to all of us who loved her, we knew that if she did not become active again she would not go to the celestial kingdom with us. Everyone was concerned, but no one did anything about it. But I had made an arrangement to meet with her and had laid a plan, one that would not make it embarrassing for her but just so I could know where she stood on what Joseph Smith had restored. I would begin with the First Vision, when the Father and Son had first appeared.

While I was going through my plan, Grandma was also going through her filing cabinet. What was she looking for? I certainly did not want to hear her version of the Restored Gospel. Finally, she laid her papers and a book she had retrieved from the bookcase on her desk and completely relaxing, she sat down. She evidently had no idea what she was in for and I began to feel sorry for my determined interrogation that was soon to take place.

I began to get nervous about just what would be the best way to begin, but then reverting to the plan to start at the beginning, I asked, Grandma, do you believe that Joseph Smith had a vision where the Father and the Son appeared?

No, was her answer.

You don’t even believe that Joseph Smith had a vision? I stammered. This was going to be worse than I could have imagined.

Of course I believe he had a vision.

How can you possibly believe he had a vision and not believe he had a vision where the Father and Son appeared? I exclaimed. I was being rude.

Grandma, ignoring my rudeness, sat down by her computer. I hated her composure. Instead of being angry at my interrogation, she seemed in deep consideration. What was she considering? The silence was finally broken with the question, Stacey, if you had had a divine visitation like Joseph Smith, would you remember every intricate detail about such a manifestation?

Of course I would!

Joseph Smith wrote very little about anything in his lifetime. He always had a scribe do his writing, but he did take the time to relate in his own handwriting what took place in this first visitation from a divine being. Would you like to read what he recorded?

Grandma, I have read the account of the First Vision a hundred times!

"Was the account you read a hundred times in the back of your Doctrine and Covenants?"

Yes, Grandma.

That is not the account in Joseph Smith’s own handwriting.

She handed me a book, pointed to a paragraph, and I read,

At about the age of twelve years my mind became Seriously impresst with regard to the all-importent concerns for the wellfare of my imortal Soul which led me to searching the scriptures believeing as I was taught, that they contained the word of God thus applying myself to them and my intimate acquaintance with those of different denominations led me to marvel excedingly for I discovered that (they did not was written above the line)...of adorn...their profession by a holy walk and Godly conversation agreeable to what I found contained in that sacred depository this was a grief to my Soul....therefore I cried unto the Lord for mercy... and the Lord heard my cry in the wilderness and while...calling upon the Lord...a pillar of light (fire was crossed out) above the brightness of the sun at noon day come down from above and rested upon me and I was filld with the spirit of God and the (Lord" written above the line) opened the heavens upon me and I saw the Lord and he spoke unto me saying Joseph...thy Sins are forgiven thee...keep my commandments behold I am the Lord of glory I was crucifyed for the world that all those who believe on my name may have Eternal life...and my soul was filled with love and for many days I could rejoice with great joy and the Lord was with me but could fine none that would believe the hevenly vision¹ nevertheless I pondered these things in my heart."²

Grandma, I exclaimed, looking up from the printed page, the spelling and punctuation are terrible!

I know, she stated. Did you think that Joseph Smith had graduated from some well known college with at least a bachelor’s degree?

Well, no, but I expected his literary ability to at least exceed that of a third grader.

"Well, God does not choose the learned, as they are not teachable. Besides, this is proof that he could never have authored the Book of Mormon of which he had been accused."

While Grandma was talking, I scanned through the story again and made another terrible discovery.

Where is the Father in the Vision? I barked at her. He left out the Father! Unbelievable! This could not be the full account. A page must be missing, Grandma!

It is the full account of who had appeared in the First Vision, Stacey. Nothing is missing.

Are you trying to tell me the part about the Father appearing is a lie?

Let’s just call it an ‘exaggeration,’ attributed to the excitement of the moment.

If the Father did not appear, Grandma, that is a lie!

The realization of a divine being condescending to visit a mortal would elicit tremendous excitement, Stacey, and hardly escape the temptation to make the event even more glorious. A lot of history is made up by adding a little here, a little there, even on events not too spectacular. When I visited Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois, I was led to the grave of Ann Rutledge, whose death was supposed to have rendered the grieving Lincoln suicidal. Carl Sandberg, a Lincoln scholar, could never find proof that the incident ever happened; in fact, he found much proof that the story was fictitious. There are many more such stories I could relate. History is a combination of truth and fiction, as also the history of our Church.

It only seems right to me that the Father should be in the vision, Grandma! I argued.

"According to what I have studied in the Scriptures, it was not proper that the Father also appear. This heaven and this earth are Christ’s project from beginning to end to qualify Him for a higher exaltation; therefore the Father would not, or could not interfere. Christ, as you will find out in the Scriptures, is the Father, or Creator of our heaven and this earth,³ and in his role as the Savior, He suffered crucifixion to save His own creation. The Father only watches and sustains Him, and according to what Joseph Smith taught, Jesus is only doing what He observed those above Him do in redeeming other kingdoms."

This was definitely not going good. This appointment with Grandma was supposed to be relieving my anxiety, not creating more; yet if the Father had appeared to me, I would not have forgotten to include Him in my own personal account!

All of this brings up another point, Stacey, which is that the God of this earth is not the Supreme Being—the First Source and Center—but a being who has progressed to divine status while continuing on to higher exaltation.

Just a moment, Grandma! I don’t want any more information that I have never heard of before thrown at me right now! Let’s just stick with the First Vision! How on earth did the Father start showing up in the First Vision if it’s not true?

"As far as I could find out, it started when a story about Joseph Smith having a conversation with Joshua, a Jewish minister, was first found in the handwritten manuscript of the History of the Church, written in the third personbut changed to the first person when recorded in the prophet’s journal.This change made it appear that the conversation was valid. In this conversation, two personages and many angels appeared."

"By 1842 the church newspaper printed an article that the prophet supposedly wrote about the rise, progress, persecutions and faith of the Latter-day Saints for a record of the Church that was to be included in a history of New Hampshire at the request of Mr. John Wentworth, editor and proprietor of the Chicago Democrat. That which was recorded about the First Vision mentions two unidentified personages.A month later, an article published about the First Vision in the Church newspapermentions two personages, but this time one of the personages calls Joseph by name and states, ‘This is my beloved Son, hear Him.’

"At this time Brigham Young was trying to take over the church publication and give the editorship to a member of the Twelve. Joseph Smith did not give it up, and assigned himself editor, but he evidently never proofread the articles published. His mother recorded in her manuscript that he was not interested in reading books like her other children.¹⁰ He also seemed to have too much trust in his converts, and therefore was lax in questioning their activity and believed that so important was that being restored that the Lord would not let anything seriously go wrong."

Brigham Young was trying to take over the church newspaper?

"You did not want to be sidetracked, so we will discuss that at a later date. I know this is disturbing to you, Stacey, but not everyone who made changes had ill intent. Nevertheless, by the time Joseph was martyred, making additions to that which was to be published was a matter of practice, and in 1853, when Mother Smith’s manuscript was printed in England by Orson Pratt, the source for the information given on the First Vision was listed as Times and Seasons, Vol. III, pg. 727, Supplement to the Millennial Star, Vol. XIV, pg. 2.¹¹

"The foregoing date given for the article in the Times and Seasons is not correct. Instead of the vision being published in March, it was in the April publication on page 748. Therefore, Pratt must have taken the information from the Millennial Star, the Church publication in England, but whether it was from the Times and Seasons or the Millennial Star, published in Mother Smith’s history verbatim was the New Version of the vision where the Father and the Son both appear, so anything that Mother Smith could have recorded was deleted."

I cannot believe no one caught all of these changes. Wasn’t anyone paying attention?

"A contributing factor could have been Joseph’s intimidating experience with the Methodist preacher which caused him to speak very little of his visitation from the Son. Without Joseph personally relating publicly the actual event, many misconceptions could be brought about by second party versions, along with the human need to aggrandize the event. That could have been the reason why Joseph’s simple narrative graduated into a breathtaking conglomeration of fact and fiction.

"Whenever changes are made, serious contradictions arise. One such contradiction was that there was a religious revival in Palmyra in 1820, commenced by an elder of the Methodist Church which was published by Oliver Cowdery, editor of the church newspaper.¹² Scholars are now beginning to find out that there was no revival in Palmyra in 1820.

"Another contradiction is that Joseph was enquiring as to which religious denomination he should join when the answer was that ‘he must join none of them...that all their creeds were an abomination in God’s sight.’ Joseph Smith taught, ‘…we do not differ so far in our religious views but that we could...all drink into one principle of love.’¹³

"Neither of the above was in Joseph Smith’s original recording, but ended up in the Final Version, which stereotyped all religions in the negative and promoted division. Thus, they began in their preaching and publications ridiculing all other religious denominations and practiced severe censorship, openly displaying an attitude that ‘we are right and everyone else is wrong.’ This attitude caused many of their persecutions. These additions also promoted questionable authenticity of the vision being a reality and are a constant source of debate. Nevertheless, the ‘revised version’ of the First Vision became the final accepted form, and although the Church history would eventually be edited by Brigham Young, it was titled History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, by Himself."

So what you’re saying is that as long as Joseph Smith’s name was put on what was written, its authenticity was never questioned?

That pretty much sums it up, Stacey. Joseph Smith had all the credibility and respect with church members so anything someone wanted to be accepted without question was presented as if from the mouth of Joseph himself. And since Joseph was not paying close attention, promoting false teachings under his nose proved very easy. Since scholars have found that most of this history was edited after the prophet’s martyrdom, it has been declared an unreliable source of information, yet the priceless authentic handwritten copy of the First Vision, free from contradiction, is ignored completely by the Church and also by anyone who was trying to prove that the story about a divine being appearing to the prophet Joseph Smith was a hoax.

A silence ensued.

Finally Grandma stated with great conviction, Putting all the Scriptures aside pertaining to this heaven and this earth, and everything therein being of the Son and his scholarship for further exaltation, the determining factor of my decision was that I could not and will not believe that Joseph Smith, accidentally or otherwise, could have left the Father out of his own handwritten copy of the First Vision, had he also appeared to him. Thus this simple handwritten record from he who was the lone recipient of this supernatural event is undisputed verification to me of what actually did take place.

I couldn’t believe how I felt. I was completely dumfounded. I wished I hadn’t heard of all these things. Everything had been just fine a few minutes ago. Now I was in anguish. I had come for a real purpose to meet with Grandma. What that purpose was I had now forgotten. My only concern was what other things I had been taught that had mutated into a fairy tale.

What about the visitation of the Angel Moroni? Did he visit Joseph Smith three times in one night and inform him about the golden plates?

"Yes, and as Joseph was informed where the plates were buried, he went immediately to Manchester, New York, and made three attempts to get them, but he could not because he had contemplated obtaining them to get rich. The angel then appeared and informed him that this temptation was to let him know just how powerful evil influences could be.

"In the original recorded version, the angel is not given a name.¹⁴ If the angel had been Moroni, it appears to me that the prophet would have identified him as such. Nevertheless in some future publications of the Church, he is called ‘Moroni’¹⁵ and sometimes he is referred to as ‘Nephi.’¹⁶

"Although it does not add or detract from the importance of the visitation, whether it was Moroni or Nephi, it is my opinion that it appears only proper that Nephi would have visited Joseph Smith, as Nephi, by divine decree, was in charge of his dispensation, the pilgrimage to another continent and the engraved record of his own people, so it seems reasonable that he would not only have known where the record was buried, but would have taken full responsibility that the right person receive it.

"Nevertheless, in the final accepted version of this visitation the angel is given the name Moroni,¹⁷ who forewarned Joseph against securing the plates to get rich, which is another contradiction."

Joseph desired wealth?

I don’t believe he desired wealth, Stacey. His parents had recently lost a new home that was built for them, having been cheated out of it by their contractor. This left them destitute. To help with the family income, Joseph took what jobs he could get and hired on with a Mr. Josiah Stowel and became involved in searching for buried treasure that was then called ‘money digging.’ After trying unsuccessfully for nearly a month to find a silver mine, reportedly having been opened by the Spaniards in Harmony, Pennsylvania, they stopped digging.¹⁸

Our get-together was quickly deteriorating, as were the beautiful stories I had been told at Church and which were now being replaced by weird stuff I had never heard of before. How could she know of so many negative situations? But worse still, could they all be true? Disgustedly, I responded with, How on earth did he know where the buried treasure was, Grandma?

He used a stone he found while digging in a well.

That is so weird, Grandma.

"No, Stacey. Burying treasures in the earth was an ancient practice,¹⁹ as was also the use of the stone.²⁰ And although the story should end here, it doesn’t. In fact, it becomes more intriguing and all because of a ‘money diggers code’ which was Anything that was found was to be shared by all.’²¹ I am certain this was one of the reasons Joseph could not immediately get the plates, as it would take time for the interested parties to either come to believe he was a fraud or otherwise lose interest.

"Anyway, the story climaxes when Joseph was taken before the authorities of the county, and although Oliver Cowdery published in the Church newspaper that he was ‘honorably acquitted,’²² he was declared a ‘disorderly person’ and fined $2.68,²³ which was a stiff penalty at that time, as wages were less than a dollar a day.

"That he was put on trial and fined could have been because of the stories told about his money digging escapades. Joseph not only knew where to find the hidden treasure, but he also knew much pertaining to the individual or individuals who had buried them. In the trial, one of the witnesses, Jonathan Thompson, stated that after striking ‘something like a board or plank,’ Joseph related ‘There was a quarrel between the two Indians who buried the trunk, and one killed the other.’²⁴

"As the harassment never ceased about Joseph’s money-digging experience, he finally, in 1838 in the Church publication, responded to the continually asked question concerning whether or not he was involved. His answer was, ‘Yes, but it was never a very profitable job...as I only got fourteen dollars a month for it.’²⁵

I also believe his experience with the ‘peep stone,’ as it was called, was preparation for when he would receive the Urim and Thummim, which also involved the use of stones to transcribe the golden plates. He had a gift, and it was necessary for him to know this to do that which he would be required to eventually do.

Although the last statement seemed more positive, I found myself shocked, angry and assured that I would never meet again with Grandma. Finally, to break the silence, I said, This is all so shocking to me, Grandma, and yet you seem perfectly at peace with all of this.

"I went through my period of shock and anger as you are experiencing, but with the trauma behind me I am now grateful to

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