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Railroad 1869 Along the Historic Union Pacific Through Nebraska

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Railroad 1869 Along the Historic Union Pacific Through Nebraska

Longueur: 123 pages3 heures


Building the transcontinental railroad was America's greatest feat of the 19th century. This book chronicles the first three years of construction during which crews crossed Nebraska. Starting from Omaha the "Oxbow" route meant much sought after early money. The faltering progress toward Fremont highlighted the need for better planning and tight organization, a challenge met when the Casement Brothers, (former Generals) were put in charge. As the construction rolled westward past the 100th Meridian the big moneymen celebrated with at elaborate promotional junket, hosting many influentials on "The Great Excursion" to the end of the rails. Throughout Nebraska the camp-followers and hanger-on brought along the dance halls, whiskey mills, and "the hell-on-wheels", towns that flourished for only days then moved on with their customers.
During those magnificent years young photographer Arundel C. Hull followed taking many first-ever images of those towns, their new buildings, and their characters.

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