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Case Notes From A Family Doctor

Case Notes From A Family Doctor

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Case Notes From A Family Doctor

86 pages
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Jun 10, 2012


This book is about the true stories about a family doctor's 40 years practice in the hospital and in his own family practice.
Case notes of some of the interesting cases are taken from his medical records from his family clinic. No name of patients are mentioned in the book.
It is impossible to write about all the patients in the clinic.
I hope that you will find the case notes from a family doctor interesting and informative.

Table Of Content:
1.My Clinic
2.Family Friend
3.Family Counselor
4.Hospital Cases
-Kidney transplant
-Barbiturate Poisoning
5.Cancer Cases
-Nasopharyngeal Cancer
-Laryngeal Cancer
-Breast Cancer
-Basal Cell Carcinoma
-Bladder Cancer
-Multiple Myeloma
-Brain Cancer
-Cervical Cancer
-Colorectal Cancer
-Gastric Cancer
-Kidney Cancer
-Liver Cancer
-Ovarian Cancer
-Salivary Gland Cancer
-Squamous Cell Carcinoma
-Thyroid Cancer
-Vulval Cancer
6.Diagnosis Cases
-Malaria patient
-Pin in the Foot
7.Orthopedic Diseases Cases
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Frozen Shoulder
-Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
-Plantar Fascilitis
-Knee cap Dislocation
8.Neuralgia Diseases Cases
-Trigeminal Neuralgia
9. Lung Diseases Cases
-Chronic Cough
10.Gastrointestinal Cases
11.Skin Cases
-Skin Infections
-Foot care
-Cutaneous Larva Migrans
-Alopecia areata

-Premature Ejaculation
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Urinary Incontinence

14.Chronic Diseases
-Coronary Heart Disease
-High Cholesterol

15.Venous Diseases
-Varicose veins

16.Eye Diseases

17.ENT Diseases
-Nose bleed

18.Infectious Diseases
-Hepatitis B

-Brain Aneurysm


Jun 10, 2012

À propos de l'auteur

Medical doctor since 1972.Started Kee Clinic in 1974 at 15 Holland Dr #03-102, relocated to 36 Holland Dr #01-10 in 2009.Did my M.Sc (Health Management ) in 1991 and Ph.D (Healthcare Administration) in 1993.Dr Kenneth Kee is still working as a family doctor at the age of 70.However he has reduced his consultation hours to 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours inthe afternoon.He first started writing free blogs on medical disorders seen in the clinic in 2007 on http://kennethkee.blogspot.com.His purpose in writing these simple guides was for the health education of his patients which is also his dissertation for his Ph.D (Healthcare Administration). He then wrote an autobiography account of his journey as a medical student to family doctor on his other blog http://afamilydoctorstale.blogspot.comThis autobiography account “A Family Doctor’s Tale” was combined with his early “A Simple Guide to Medical Disorders” into a new Wordpress Blog “A Family Doctor’s Tale” on http://ken-med.com.From which many free articles from the blog was taken and put together into 1000 eBooks.He apologized for typos and spelling mistakes in his earlier books.He will endeavor to improve the writing in futures.Some people have complained that the simple guides are too simple.For their information they are made simple in order to educate the patients.The later books go into more details of medical disorders.He has published 1000 eBooks on various subjects on health, 1 autobiography of his medical journey, another on the autobiography of a Cancer survivor, 2 children stories and one how to study for his nephew and grand-daughter.The purpose of these simple guides is to educate patient on health disorders and not meant as textbooks.He does not do any night duty since 2000 ever since Dr Tan had his second stroke.His clinic is now relocated to the Buona Vista Community Centre.The 2 units of his original clinic are being demolished to make way for a new Shopping Mall.He is now doing some blogging and internet surfing (bulletin boards since the 1980's) startingwith the Apple computer and going to PC.The entire PC is upgraded by himself from XT to the present Pentium duo core.The present Intel i7 CPU is out of reach at the moment because the CPU is still expensive.He is also into DIY changing his own toilet cistern and other electric appliance.His hunger for knowledge has not abated and he is a lifelong learner.The children have all grown up and there are 2 grandchildren who are even more technically advanced than the grandfather where mobile phones are concerned.This book is taken from some of the many articles in his blog (now with 740 posts) A Family Doctor’s Tale.Dr Kee is the author of:"A Family Doctor's Tale""Life Lessons Learned From The Study And Practice Of Medicine""Case Notes From A Family Doctor"

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Aperçu du livre

Case Notes From A Family Doctor - Kenneth Kee

Case Notes



Family Doctor


Dr. Kenneth Kee

M.B.,B.S. (Singapore)

Ph.D (Healthcare Administration)

Copyright Kenneth Kee 2012

Published By Kenneth Kee At Smashwords


This book is dedicated

to my wife Dorothy

and my children

Carolyn, Grace

and Kelvin

This book contains the case notes of my

Family Clinic of the different conditions seen in the Clinic.

The real names of the patients were not used in the writing of the book.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader.

If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Chapter 1 My Clinic

Chapter 2 Family Friend

Chapter 3 Family Counselor

Chapter 4 Hospital Cases –Anesthesia, kidney transplant

Chapter 5 Cancer Cases

Chapter 6 Diagnosis Cases

Chapter 7 Orthopedic Diseases Cases

Chapter 8 Neuralgia Diseases Cases

Chapter 9 Lung Diseases Cases

Chapter 10 Gastrointestinal Cases

Chapter 11 Skin Cases

Chapter 12 Men’s Diseases

Chapter 13 Woman’s Diseases

Chapter 14 Chronic Diseases Cases

Chapter 15 Venous Diseases Cases

Chapter 16 Eye Diseases Cases

Chapter 17 ENT Diseases Cases

Chapter 18 Infectious Diseases Cases

Chapter 19 Brain Diseases Cases

Chapter 20 Epilogue

Chapter 1

My Clinic

My clinic started in January 1974 in a newly established public housing estate which catered for mostly the low income and lower middle income groups of families as well as an old shanty part of Holland Village still occupied by slum like houses.

There were many poor families in the whole estate.

The Poor

To me helping the poor is just part of being a family community doctor.

For the poor I have been charging a minimal sum of medical cost. For those who can pay they will pay. For those who can not pay they do not have to pay.

During our recent relocation of our clinic in 2009( The clinic was relocated to a newer housing estate just across Holland Drive after 35 years because the buildings were getting old and developing drainage and structural problems) while going through the medical record cards in order to discard those patients who have not seen me for at least 10 years. I found that there were patients who still owed me money since 1974 when I first started the clinic.

I do not believe in chasing patients for their money.

There was this Indian foreman who was in charge of our estate rubbish removal. He was poor but he brought his family to see me asking the money to be owed. For 10 years he brought his family for medical treatment.

Knowing that he was poor I did not expect any payment for all these treatments. Yet at the age of 55 years (the retirement age at that time) he was able to withdraw funds from the government Central Provident Fund (A compulsory saving scheme meant for retirement).

To my surprise he asked my nurses to calculate all the medical bills over the years to add up so that he can pay the whole sum.

It was a pleasant surprise for me.

Chapter 2

Family Friend

The family doctor knows the family of his patients like the back of his hands.

For example I see the father for his monthly review of high blood pressure, his wife for osteoporosis, the younger son for weekly injections of vitamin when he was suffering from leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy, the oldest son who is married and now worried about finances (I promised that I will help him out if he does not abort the child) because his wife is confirmed as pregnant.

The oldest son now has 2 children of school going age. The younger son whom the father was worried may be infertile as a result of his chemotherapy is now a proud father of a baby boy. The father himself had hoarseness of the voice which after not improving for 2 weeks was sent for biopsy of his vocal cord and found to have cancer of the larynx. He was treated for this cancer and has been free of cancer for 10 years.

Somehow the family of the patient becomes intertwined with your life and you find yourself asking the patient about his wife, sons and their children each time you meet.

That is only one family.

Another patient whose wife was diagnosed with cancer of the breast after routine mammogram found several lumps in her breast (one of which turned up to cancerous on biopsy) consulted me regarding the removal of the breast which her surgeon wanted

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