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Words to Paint 1000 Pictures

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Words to Paint 1000 Pictures

Longueur: 62 pages25 minutes


This collection of poetry is all about nature, stories, and the things we see and use every day. It is broken into 5 sections each with 5 poems. It was only fitting that all the sections have an art theme. The first section, Abstracts, explores different views of the world and the things we value. Realism contains poetic descriptions of worldly things. Mosaics are stories written in poetic form. Landscapes are beautiful scenes described through poetry. Pastels are colorful poems that sometimes secretly describe more than one thing.
I have also included Author’s Notes at the end and I have provided links if your browser supports them. I use my notes to introduce myself to the reader and to provide insight into what inspired me to write each poem. I may also give hints to some hidden messages within the poems.

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