All I Bring is Myself: Reflections in the Art of Psychotherapy

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All I Bring is Myself: Reflections in the Art of Psychotherapy

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A lot of people come to me for the jokes. Those that continue, stay for the hope the relationship brings. I’m a therapist, among other things, and this is a collection of stories about heroes, cowards, bullies and good and evil genius. It recounts stupidity, cruelty, absurdity, struggle, laughter, tragedies, and miracles of the human spirit. It’s about being a witness and participant in the everyday dramas of modern psychotherapy in settings as diverse as a Dantesque corrections camp, a tumultuous big city mental health treatment center, and the freedom of private practice—from my perspective as a therapist and an artist.
"Peg Mayo's writing should be taken very seriously, with the expectation that it will bring you great insight and understanding, as well as significant pleasure. She is a master therapist with unique observations on what it means to be human--in all its many dimensions. Her writing is lively and colorful; she a storyteller par excellence, and a national treasure."
Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D.
Author: Woman As Healer: Shamanism and Modern Medicine

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