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30 Days in September: How to Master Life's Tests

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30 Days in September: How to Master Life's Tests

Longueur: 167 pages3 heures


You’re about to be tested. Are you ready?

Life is a series of tests—and awakenings! Are you tired of repeating the same old mistakes? Get help from 30 Days in September: How to Master Life’s Tests by Veronica Mackey.

This gem of a book will train you to see beyond the physical, recognize opportunity, and move forward with less effort.

It’s a guide to help you approach life with greater awareness instead of the overly used “hit or miss” plan. In it, you’ll discover how to get a passing grade before the big test. You’ll realize how subtle changes in attitude can shift the tide of circumstances in your favor.

Veronica has spent many years honing her ability to hear from God. Her stories are simple but powerful “aha” moments that give readers insight into how God thinks. Learn how so-called “mundane” events can lead to extraordinary turnarounds.

Stop sleep-walking around that same old mountain. Let this book awaken and move you from reactionary to intentional living. It’s graduation time!

“A Chronicle of Awakenings”

“Veronica Mackey takes us to the highest level of understanding that ‘there is no testimony without a test.’ 30 Days in September is a chronicle of awakenings. The tales are fascinating and fixating, taking the “for instances” of small things that could be irritating, and showing how God has already provided for us before the incident collided with us.

“So how about taking 30 days in September? Read a chapter a day. Give the Lord a chance and learn what He is saying. You’ll never be the same.”

--Rev. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray
John R. Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics University of Southern California

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