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A Pretty Puzzle

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A Pretty Puzzle

Longueur: 244 pages3 heures


A PRETTY PUZZLE is a Regency romance novel set in London and near the city of Chester in England. Chelsea Grant hadn’t planned to be a deceiver! She had been the prettiest—and most penniless—young lady at Miss Farringdon’s Academy in Brighton. Befriending spoiled heiress Alayna Marchmont and telling her about a family scandal was a schoolgirl’s naïve mistake. Now, Alayna has blackmailed Chelsea into agreeing to an utterly outrageous spend a dull month in the country with Alayna’s elderly aunt, while pretending to be Alayna! Both girls are blonde and of a similar size, besides Aunt Millicent is nearly blind.

The plan might have worked but for one unforeseen occurrence, the arrival of Aunt Millicent’s nephew, Lord Rathbone, who unexpectedly comes to England to claim his bride, sight unseen. Rathbone is not disappointed with his “fiancée.” As for Chelsea, she’s developing a powerful tender for the handsome, albeit misled, nobleman. This affair of the heart could lead to disaster, unless a resourceful Brighton beauty can find a way to stop a foolish masquerade without losing a handsome lord’s love.
Praise for Marilyn Clay’s A PRETTY PUZZLE ...
“The pressure never lets up on this hero and heroine!” – Regency author, Melissa Frederick.
“Ms. Clay writing and characterization are excellent!”– Bestselling historical author, Patricia Rice.

MARILYN CLAY is a multi-published author and respected historian of the Regency period. A former University editor for the University of Texas at Dallas, for sixteen years Marilyn Clay published and edited The Regency Plume Newsletter, an international newsletter containing well-researched articles useful to writers, historians and people interested in the 18th and early 19th centuries in English history. Two of Ms. Clay’s non-fiction titles include: 18th and 19th English Women At Sea and History of the Water Closet, both available in print and as e-books.

Ms. Clay most recent historical suspense novels include DECEPTIONS: A Jamestown Novel and SECRETS AND LIES: A Jamestown Novel, both released in hardcover from Thomson/Gale in 2010 and 2012 and now available in print from major on-line retailers and as e-books. THE LETTER, also set in Jamestown in available in both print and e-book formats. BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY recently published by Mayfair Books, was simultaneously released in print and e-book formats, and is also available from major on-line retailers and various e-readers.

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