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The Union Pacific: America's Largest Railroad

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The Union Pacific: America's Largest Railroad

Longueur: 95 pages1 heure


The Union Pacific is the largest and the most powerful railroad in the country. The railroad has been in service since 1862, some 151 years. The Union Pacific is older than any other American Class I railroad today with the Kansas City Southern coming in at second at 116 years. In that time the railroad has become not only one of the most highly respected institutions in the nation but also has seen nearly every major railroading event in our country’s history, and accordingly has a very long and storied history.
The Union Pacific became a prominent railroad with the construction of the Transcontinental (or Overland) route. Though facing bankruptcy, they emerged and became the largest railroad system in operation in the United States today.
Rich in history, the UP and the Central Pacific forged their way to unite the country and begin the westward expansion at a more rapid speed that helped grow our nation.
When discussing the Union Pacific Railroad, one needs to talk about the Transcontinental Rail (the Overland route) and the first mass media event, the driving of the “Last Spike.”

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