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Easy Growing, the Plant Growers Handbook: Growing Made Simple

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Easy Growing, the Plant Growers Handbook: Growing Made Simple

Longueur: 144 pages43 minutes


This ‘Easy Growing, the Plant Growers Handbook: Growing Made Simple’ takes the mystery out of growing all plants successfully. It will overnight make you an expert on what plants grow best in whatever conditions you might find. It will make your ‘easy growing’ gardening experience enjoyable and very worthwhile. Take your time and read through it as there is invaluable information in every section.
Each chapter of this plant grower’s handbook provides invaluable resources whether you are growing plants in a greenhouse, on your patio, in your yard or even growing your own kitchen garden. Start your garden the correct way to maximize results with the minimum of effort.
Not only can ‘growing your own’ become a great hobby for you now and later in life, easy growing can become a means of producing your own healthy food independent of the large growers. No more worry about where and how your vegetables are grown.
Worried about costs of growing? This ‘Easy Growing, the Plant Growers Handbook: Growing Made Simple’ describes how to offset the costs of growing by selling your own home grown plants locally, a real money earner. It is simple to sell plants, shrubs, fresh vegetables and flowers in your local neighborhood.
Landscaping your garden? The grower’s handbook shows you how to select the plants that are deer, drought and extreme temperature resistant. There are tables that provide data on plants and their preferred environment so that you get the right plant for the right conditions.
Want a patio, deck or rooftop garden? ‘Easy Growing the Plant Grower’s Handbook’ provides you with all the data you need to select the correct plants. It also shows you how to automate the growing of these plants so that you don’t need to manually water or weed.
There are some initial purchases required but after that, all the equipment purchased is re-usable year after year. So the secrets to growing plants and vegetables on auto-pilot require neither specialist skills nor a natural green thumb. Follow this simple ‘easy growing’ handbook and your enjoyment and your own success will amaze you!

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