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Food and Water: Messages from Heaven

Food and Water: Messages from Heaven

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Food and Water: Messages from Heaven

230 pages
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Feb 11, 2013


Man needs healthy, good quality food, containing all essential elements and not to feed with sweets, pastries, sweeties. Natural food ensures the necessary conditions for the development of mind, heart, soul and spirit. The elements that man uses are the same, but the methods for their perception are different. Each food is useful to man if he knows how to take it. I do not tell you what food to eat and what not to eat, but I advise to eat it with Love and mood. It is important to use food that brings strength. Essential food gives strength and vigor.

You do not have the right to eat whatever food! You say that you can eat whatever. Anyone who eats food not allowed by the law is punished. You have been punished many times and you still recalcitrate.

At first eating has been harmonic, now it is disharmonic. There is no man who after having eaten has not died.

Man who knows how to eat lives a long life ­ 100, 120, 130 years. Adam who has known this law has lived 900 years. After that life has began to shorten because people already have been committing sins and have been feeding with meat.

When we look over the question of vegetarianism we have in mind that meat meal stops the progress of human individuality. When food stops man in his development it should not be eaten; it is not because there is something in the food itself, but if it impedes man it is better not to eat it.

Well, how could you know which food is pure and which is impure? Everything that impedes man is impure. I take into consideration this: each thing that impedes man is impure. It is impure I think so. Practically to clarify we use these terms, because each idea should have something certain, something that you should understand. Many times you think you understand things that are not defined. Someone says: It is impure, but it smells well, etc. The question is not about that. It impedes man ­ nothing else. What makes man tired is impure, what makes man distant to God is impure, what impedes you on your way to reach your ideal is impure. Impureness is what impedes man. Impeding means: there is always something dark here. To be impeded means that there is darkness. Impurity lives in darkness. Impurity is connected with darkness. It cannot live in light, it lives in darkness. And is said that all these harmful microbes that torture, tire man, die in the light and therefore they live in dark places, they live in darkness.

The purer and healthier food man uses the greater and brighter future he prepares for himself. In order to purify food from the poisons coming from the earth on the one side and from the animals on the other side, it should be cleared. No physical or psychological method is able to purify the food except the thoughts and feelings of the people. Meat food contains most poisons. Neurasthenia partly is due to this. A day will come when even the plants in their intent to keep their lives will start producing poisons harmful to man. People use them for cure.

The Europeans are always in a hurry and when eating they do not chew their food well and do not think about the food while eating, but think about other things. While eating bread you should think about the bread only ­ it is sacred. Wheat is sacred. You eat unconsciously and then you say that you suffer from various diseases. Diseases show deviation in any aspect ­ mental, heart, volitional.

In order to show higher spiritual abilities man should poses finer matter and this happens with nutrition, but it is necessary to know how to extract the important extract from the food. The essential is what we get in the relevant spiritual state. When man is in good mood and calm he can easily take the energies from food ­ prana.

Feb 11, 2013

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Food and Water - Beinsa Douno


Food and water – messages from heaven

Copyright © Astrala Publishing House 2013


Published at Smashwords


Fruits, vegetables, plants

The high tones come from above. Bass tones are reflection of the high tones. I call them ‘compressed’ tones – they create fruits. The energy going to a single fruit is very fine. At first it passes a tree, concentrates and creates a fruit. It is a bass.

Fruit trees have come to earth to help the mankind development.

Fruits express God’s words. Otherwise said: the Words have created fruits. When eating a fruit you should know what God has put in it. If you understand what hides in an apple or in any other fruit you will perceive the Words in it. As soon as you accept the Words, you will raise. By the words ‘to grow up grass, plants and fruits’ God has put the Words in them. Believers or mystics should think in this way in order to perceive the things. If you do not think like that, you will incorporate gaps in you that will make you dissatisfied.

When eating from all the fruits you will get acquaintance of God. Trying pears, apples, grapes, you will try God’s graciousness. If you eat properly, if you enter into fruits creation and understand the words, you will be healthy.

There is no better food than light. We all feed with light, but it is very concentrated, so we have to attenuate it a little. Everything is condensed light - fruits, plants.

Each mature fruit is collected energy as per fourth dimension laws.

Fruits are the healthiest food, because they are exposed to sunlight. Where the light is increased, there is more rational energy, more natural energy. Where heat is increased – swiftness is increased, there is more rational energy.

All fruit trees are accumulators of different types of energy, coming from the sun and they accumulate them. Intelligent person, knowing how to eat, will use God’s energies in the air, in the water, in wheat, in fruits. You will get the light that you need.

Each fruit is a letter from the invisible world. It has been lighted by the sun rays. The creators of the fruit have been collecting sun rays have condensed sunlight energy inside it. You have only one task – to get this light out and to import it into your body. Fruits are food from the sun.

This is a hard work. Don’t think it is so easy. As we eat nowadays, we hardly keep one thousand from the content of the food. And if we could keep everything from the content of the fruit, we would have enjoyed so long life! Some of the plants live more than 1 000 years.

There is a law in nature that you are going to learn soon. When a son is born to an angel from the sky, he sends it to the earth in a shape of a pear or an apple or a plum to get up. Therefore all the fruits you eat – apples, pears, plums, cherries, etc. all are angels’ sons and daughters sent to earth to get up. Archangels’ sons are your ox, cattle, sheep that you feed and use. You ask me: Is it all true? It is true more than the fact that you are now with me. If God, who created the whole universe could send his beloved Son among people in human servant form instead of divine, why should not angels and archangels send their sons and daughters in shape of fruits and animals?

People have no idea about the great process of creating an apple, a fruit. Each gets an apple, throws it and says: It’s an apple. There is a whole story about the creation of apple, thousands of genius minds have worked and given their opinion for creating a fruit.

Do you think that this grape vine, knowing how to gather the sun energy in a special way and to give that sweet grape is not smart? There is a rational creature living in it. These are the sleeping angels that have come to earth only to give the people an example of sacrifice.

Many times I have stopped for about 10 minutes to speak with a flower and it tells me its story. For you it is only a flower, for me it’s not at all only a flower, but a smart creature in the shape of a flower. I task it: which are the reasons for you to come in that shape? It says: I need purity, therefore I am white. Another says: I am red because in my previous life I did not get use of my appearance, now I want to be in venal in this life.

All fruit trees, wheat, maize, apples, pears and plums — all of them sacrifice to acquire certain virtue. All of them sacrifice for us, the human beings, made in the image and likeness of Lord. We go and do little.

Some people talk about ideal life, strive to it and neglect physical. They are aware that to reach ideal life they have to start with physical life. In order to develop in the right way they have to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Most people avoid working the earth, considering this work humiliating. This is not true. Each plant, each fruit a man looks after bring their qualities to him.

If you want to be truly religious you have to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Each religion system recommends planting as a working method. Man cures himself with plants. By planting them he gets to know their magical strength.

You have to study the magical strength of the plants. For example, you have a house and you plant trees near it. You don’t understand the law of plants – the plants unintentionally can cause harm to you. It would be enough to get sweat and to lie down close to the routes of a tree or a walnut and you will see what the plants have – they have thirst for water. They like water. When getting the water, they pull out the saps of life as well. I say: never lie down under the shadow of plants because when you fall asleep all the harms come.

They say that mother is smart, because after giving birth to her children she wraps them in diapers. Long before man coming to Earth maize has been doing the same. Each maize plant wraps its baby maize in the same way. When has maize plant learnt that? Now people, when making a candy, wrap it in a paper. Look at the apple tree how it has wrapped its apples and its juice is not false. Not like people do now – among ten potato fruits they put two bad. They put them for you to plant. There is nothing like that in nature – everything is good.

Plants are smart creatures. In some aspects they are excellent chemists and physics, they comply with the outer conditions. According to the outer conditions they make their peel thicker or finer. They know natural ways of treatment, they know natural medicine. They understand and make difference between good and bad conditions. For example, if you put a dry stick in the route of a bean plant, it will climb up on it. But, if nearby there is a live young tree, it will go around the dry stick and will climb the live young tree. This means a certain sentience. Who do not understand that say: it’s a tree, it’s a plant! Thus they underline the ignorance of the plants. But plants are not ignorant! If you think that plants are ignorant, what should you say about yourselves, if you feed with plants? If plants were ignorant, we would have perceived their ignorance as well.

Most people think that wheat, maize and barley are stupid, irrational creatures. This is not true.

Modern philosophy and science are result of sunlight and heat, as well as food, consumed by people and even the people themselves. If they do not think about that, people make incorrect, shallow conclusions. Then they say that everything depends on them. When they eat bread, they perceive the ideas of wheat. Through the bread wheat says to people: the conditions we live in are such, that we cannot implement our ideas. Because you have more freedom, implement our ideas instead of us. Each idea, bringing happiness and light is Divine. Such are the ideas of the plants.

Each spiritual quality has its material elements. If we want to be soft, we must have the respective material. Food is divided into categories. After centuries, when in their development the plants come to the stage of humans, their qualities and their characters will become the same. What plants gather today will be manifested after millions of years.

It is allowed to pick up plants only in two cases: for scientific research and for healing.

If you wish something to happen, do not urge it. Leave it happen as defined. Leave a tree to dress as it wishes, do not force it. You can force a flower to dress earlier – you can make a plant house, you can put a stove, you can warm it. This is only partial result. Normally all plants dress and undress them selves. And it is for the better. Today often when cultivating some plants, their fruits become bigger, but they lose part of their sweet and aroma. When we enlarge shape, we increase sap. For the sweetness of the fruits nature has worked for many years.

Love deals with heart. You cannot be good hearted if you do not deal with Love. You cannot have a bright mind, if you do not deal with God's wisdom and knowledge. Your stomach cannot be free if you do not deal with Truth. There are medicines, but no medicine can help. Real medicines contain what comes from Love. There are plants gathering the saps of Love. There are plants gathering the saps of Wisdom. There are plants gathering the saps of Truth in the world, the subs of freedom. Seeing them makes you free. Many people have suffered limitations. As soon as you give them these plants, containing the saps of freedom they are immediately liberated.

Nature that has sent man to earth, wishes to give him variety of rich food. For example, if you have never tasted orange, you miss something from orange. If you have never eaten plums or grapes, you will miss something that plums or grapes could give you. If you have never eaten wheat bread, you will miss the qualities that wheat brings, as it is with these peoples that have not eaten wheat bread. The hygiene defines what food should be and how many calories it should have. But the question is a bit different. All fruit trees are accumulators of different energies coming from the sun that they accumulate, that they gather. And the man, the rational one, knowing how to eat will profit from the Lord’s energies. He will use the air, the light and the different kinds of food.

Eating contains a mental process as well. It is a real science. You will be given potatoes to eat in order to study them otherwise you could not have studied them.

Each fruit hides curing power that should be used.

All foods are connected to human organism. Some foods are connected to the brain some foods are connected to the lungs and some to the stomach. What the organism needs such food it seeks. And the same law concerns the animals as well. Because the animals need less mental energy they seek it less. They seek food, which brings strength to the organism.

Each food is taken for ameliorating the nervous system or the bones or the muscles, etc.

For all nervous diseases you should eat a lot of apples, pears, you should boil maize and wheat waters.

There are certain foods that can ameliorate your nervous system and strengthen your activity. You should know that some plants are very intelligent. And you should know which food is rational food. And among the plants there are rational plants. Among plants the category is the same as among people.

A lot of people ask themselves about the sense of life. Some say the sense of life hides in eating. If so, has man learned what is the content and what is the sense of each food? Someone has eaten an apple without answering to himself what elements it contains, where from it has come, under the influence of which planet it is, etc. This should be studied each year, because last year’s apples are not the same as this year’s apples neither in contents, neither in influence of the planets. You are not interested in this today, because you cannot use it. Today your mind is preparing so that in the future you could profit from the food you use. Each fruit hides in it curable force, which should be used. What we consider good for the adult is not good for a newborn.

The plants should be studied from astrological point of view as well. Thus the astrological botany is developed. Each plant is under the influence of a certain planet. For example oak is a Jupiter plant. When man wants to be stable, he should eat acorns.

The organs of the human body that are under the influence of a certain planet and of a certain sign of the zodiac are cured with plants under the influence of the same planet and the same sign of the zodiac. For example, the lungs and the heart are under the influence of Leo and the Sun and will be cured with plants under their influence.

For some foods is not good to tell what they influence. But you should remember: some wake up physical energy, others – senses, third - brainpower. Generally each fruit serves for manifestation of one or another virtue in human. The variety of virtues depends on the use of different plants and fruits for food. There are plants that make man wise and he should develop sense of which fruits he needs to transform their energy for his needs.

Who wants to import bright thoughts in his mind should eat fruits ripened to the north, who wants to import noble-mindedness should eat fruits ripened to the south; who wants to import nobleness in his character should eat fruits ripened to the; who wants to acquire sense of life, should eat fruits ripened to the west.

Some fruits are extended some are rounded. These, the extended, act in one way, the rounded – in another. According to the image of man – his spirit, according to the image, if it is extended or rounded, wide or narrow; all that corresponds to human spirit.

I say: there are plants in nature that are close to man and there are plants that are far. When man thinks to establish in himself something noble he has to eat from these plants, from the fruits of these trees that are close to him. They will bring to man sublime, beautiful, rational. When he wants to establish something ruder he will eat from the more distant to him fruits or plants. Thus he will make some variety of food. Now you will say: There is nothing to deal with the closer to man and the far from man plants. If you are not aware which plants are close to you and which are far – you are not going to succeed in life.

I watch now what the new vegetarians are doing – they simplify their food to eating only apples and pears. They lie themselves, thinking that they take pure food. Don’t think that fruits are not dangerous as well. There are dangerous apples, there pears that are dangerous, there are plums that are dangerous, there are water melons and melons that are dangerous. Man should understand them. Eating you should know how to eat. I do not need a lot of food. When I would like to eat something I go to a walnut or an apple tree and I ask it: Do you allow me to choose some of your fruits? When they allow me I choose 2¬3 walnuts or 2¬3 apples and they are from the best of the whole tree. I do not eat all - I eat a little, but the best, the purest. You say that an apple tree or a pear tree, for example, has given a lot of fruit. The fruits could be a lot, but not all of them bring benediction. There are certain moments in life of the fruit trees when if they give fruits, their fruits bring benediction; but there are moments as well when the fruits of the trees bring death to man. Only the immortal understands what is mortal and what immortal.

Smart man chooses his food himself and eats such food that helps him develop certain qualities. He eats from these fruits that are necessary to his intelligence, to strengthen it and to develop it further.

Rough man should eat fruits and to grow plants.

There are musical herbs and when you get in contact with them you become genius. They are found by inner way. There are herbs that make you younger.

Skin could be soft and clean not with the help of ointments and cosmetics, but by using special food that you have to study.

The food that is healthful contains more organic gold and the one that is not contains less gold. This food brings dynamics.

It is noticed that some of the healing plants grow there where there is either buried gold or gold veins. It is found that other plants grow there where there are precious stones or some precious metals like gold, silver. Other plants grow there where there is copper, iron, etc. Man should know exactly this botany to know where what plants grow... (...) This is the hidden side of botany. I do not want to reveal yet another side of botany: There are such plants that if you get only some drops of it would be enough for you to get younger or to become beautiful. For example, there are plants that are able to clarify human mind, to strengthen its memory. One-two drops of these plants have the power to do this. You say: Tell us which are they! This is a secret of nature and it is not permitted to disclose it.

You should know that some plants are very intelligent. You should recognize which food is rational. There are plants real scientists. And it is not coincidentally that in the Middle Ages they have sought the alchemic stone for immortalization. You cannot find it unless you find an idea to correspond with immortality. You should know that great law by which you can restore the rational healthful state of body that man has had thousands of years ago.

There are certain plants in nature from which special liquid is extracted and if taken it dissolves the accumulated mud in the body and man lives longer. This liquid we call life elixir. It is enough to take a single small droplet with some pure water to get at least several centuries of life. Once who acquires such life even if he wishes so he cannot get rid of it. If man has suffered from any heavy incurable disease like tuberculosis, cancer, leprosy, etc., one drop of the elixir of life is able to cause reaction immediately, to make him alive, to make him younger to make him a new man.

There is a law in nature that defines the time for blossoming and for fruit knitting. According to this law there are plants that blossom once in a thousand years and knit once in 2 000 years. You maybe know centenarians (aloe), but I know such plants that blossom once in a 1 000 years and ripe only once in 2 000 years. On such trees there are fruits from all past ages. If you understand the laws for development of these trees you will see that in them there are those elements of life – the elixir of life sought by the alchemists. Only in these plants is found this element of life. In order to enter in the field I am talking about, you have to be born by a saint father and a saint mother. For at least a 1 000 years neither your father, nor your mother should have committed a single crime in their thoughts, feelings or deeds. It means that your father and mother must be born saints and you as a candidate-saint in order to enter in this

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