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Rooftop Clubhouse

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Rooftop Clubhouse

Longueur: 84 pages1 heure


pirate island was the place títan, beca, nene and luigie called home. They were in fact cousins but preferred to call themselves friends. títan was ten years of age and the oldest of the group. beca was eight and second in age but first in attitude, always wanting to do everything the boys did even though she loved to wear a dress. nene was seven, very athletic and good hearted, and then there was luigi, who at only five was the youngest of the bunch but the most enthusiastic. he loved his older cousins almost as much as he loved his food. each of the cousins had their own personality; they loved each other and got along well. they also knew the value of friendship and because their families were very poor, they depended on each other to survive. the friends made a promise to always be honest with one another and never let adult problems separate them.
although they were part of a large loving family, life on pirate island had never been tougher, with little work or food to spare. ever since the old pirate stories about the mysterious bay had resurfaced in the news and spread throughout the world, the tourists that once flocked to the island paradise became fearful and did not visit anymore. The news of ships disappearing in the bay spread throughout the world and the tourists became fearful of the island. yet life remained filled with adventure for the four friends who loved being kids and doing kid things. they were determined to help their families as well as the rest of the people on the island become happy again.
life for the rooftop clubhouse friends on Pirate island is full of experiences that teach all kids great life lessons as they learn about character building virtues such as love, honesty, fairness, kindness, compassion, empathy and more. each chapter highlights one or more of the virtues that help the friends overcome difficulties in their own lives. “Rooftop clubhouse” is a tribute to the spirit of love and friendship that endures and remains alive with children everywhere. above all, it is about what the redemptive love of god can do in us all.

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