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The Pool Safety Bible

The Pool Safety Bible

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The Pool Safety Bible

129 pages
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Apr 18, 2013


Written by an expert in the Swimming Pools field, The Pool Safety Bible is packed with essential information and practical advice on safety around pools and water in general.

Pools can be great fun but they are also dangerous places. You should be aware that a pool is a potentially life-threatening hazard and plan to make it the safest place it can be. Mixing sun, water, hazardous chemicals, electricity and excited kids together raises all kinds of dangerous situations

Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities. The Pool Safety Bible is packed with essential information to keep you and your loved ones safe - please download a copy and learn how to discharge those responsibilities and protect your family, friends and pets.

In the USA alone, hundreds of people, many of them kids under 4 years old, drown in backyard pools every year. Thousands more are admitted to Hospital Emergency Rooms for treatment following an 'immersion accident'.

Hundreds of thousands of others become infected or suffer falls, cuts, poisoning, electrocution, skin complaints and eye damage. Some of those folks become permanently disabled and others die from their injuries.

World-wide, the number of fatal drownings is even more shocking. The World Health Organization estimates that 388,000 people accidentally drown every year around the globe. That is more than 1000 deaths EVERY DAY!

The Pool Safety Bible covers dozens of different aspects of Pool Safety and teaches what you can do to make your own patch safe.

Subjects covered include transport, storage, use and handling of chemicals, explanations of the pros and cons of each type of Safety Barrier (and how to raise the money for Safety Equipment). From what to do in a chemical accident to where to learn CPR at zero cost.

Pretty much every day you can read another newspaper story about the tragic death of a toddler in a backyard pool. Or a river, a lake or a bathtub. Or a story about a teenager who is paralyzed from the neck down from a diving injury. Or someone who has damaged or lost their sight from a pool chemical burn.

Most pool accidents are predictable and therefore, to an extent, preventable. All that's needed is that those at risk, i.e. those that live around open water such as a pool, river, lake etc., learn the facts about Safety and learn what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Pool Safety Bible is a valuable resource for pool-owners and pool-users alike. Please download a copy, read it and learn from it. Please also encourage others - whether they own their own pool or not - to download a copy and read it. By working together we (you and I and all our friends) can make a significant difference to the number of all pool-related accidents.

Thanks for reading; SWIM SAFE! Ken Walker

Apr 18, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Ken has lived and worked in Britain, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain.First, in 2001, came The PoolSchool Book, followed by The Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide, The Pool Bible and The Pool Safety Bible, plus over 200 magazine articles and multiple blogs.Ken is happily married to Louise and they live in Malaga, Spain.

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The Pool Safety Bible - Ken Walker


The Pool Safety Bible

General Pool Safety

Safety Statistics

Safety Liability

Pool Chemicals - Safety issues

Chemical Accidents

Diving & Slides

Ladders & Steps


Pool Rules for Adults

Safety Tips

Suction Outlets

Pool Safety Equipment

Broken Glass

Wasps and other insect nuisances

Kids Section

Safety for Kids

Pool Rules for Kids

Babysitters and Pools

Shallow Water Blackout The #1 root cause of backyard pool deaths

Dry Drowning

Swimming Lessons

Pool Games for Kids

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

CPR Courses

Holidays and New Homes

Safety Checklist

Pool Alarms

Pool Safety Barriers

Pond and Garden - Water Safety

Paying for Safety Equipment

Safety for Pets

General Pool Safety

While a pool can be many things to many people, some benefits are universal. By enjoying a backyard pool, homeowners improve their health and fitness, release and eliminate stress, and create a vibrant atmosphere for special occasions and family fun. Overall, pool ownership is a lifestyle change and definitely one for the better you don't have to leave home to escape the rat race. A pool gives opportunities to encourage togetherness or to appreciate quiet moments alone.

Most health professionals agree: - swimming is the single most beneficial exercise activity for your whole body; being stress-free for joints and limbs. Improved self-confidence and a positive attitude-change are also significant parts of the pool exercise package. Pool aerobics are a preventative, therapeutic activity and a cardiovascular conditioner, particularly for those with arthritis and other disabilities.

"The more often you swim the longer you’ll live", according to 2 studies of more than 335,000 people by Jeremiah Stamler MD, a heart-disease researcher from Northwestern University in Chicago, who estimates you may add 10 years to your life by swimming every day.

Your own private, backyard pool can transform the most ordinary occasion into a special event. You can readily imagine some of the occasions around your pool; parties, barbeques, college reunions and quiet gatherings of friends or just relaxing.

With colorful decorations, tasty food and music to fit the mood, your pool parties will create memories that will last a lifetime. The possibilities are practically endless. And what better place to entertain your kids and their friends than safe at home, in your own backyard pool?

Keeping safe around the pool

Pools are very dangerous places. You should be aware that your pool is a potentially life-threatening hazard and plan to make it the safest place it can be. Nobody ever thinks that a tragedy like drowning is going to happen to one of their family but pool-owners - and anyone else who uses a pool - should all plan to prevent one by paying attention to Pool Safety and by installing 'Layers of Protection'.

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of death of children under five years of age in the USA, and the leading cause of death in some states such as California, Florida and Arizona (where there are more than the average percentage of properties with private pools). Enough cannot be said or read on the subject of Pool Safety.

Over 280 under-fives drown each year in private pools and spas in the USA. In Spain 80 to 100 kids aged 1-4 drown every year. More than 85 percent of drowning deaths among children ages 1 to 4 are pool-related, yet many parents do not consider drowning to be a realistic threat to the lives of their children. The following few words might change their minds: -

'A swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child age 4 and under'. (Orange County, California, Fire Authority)

According to the USPS Commission "An estimated 3,000 children under age five, and an even greater number of adults, are treated in US hospital emergency rooms (ERs) following submersion accidents each year." A percentage of these submersion accidents result in permanent brain damage.

Let’s put that number of 3000 into perspective: -

The average class of infants is around 30 kids. Can you picture your child’s class – all their little faces? Now imagine that every child in that class had to be rushed to hospital following an ‘immersion accident’ Now imagine 1000 classes of that size, all in the hospital. Around 10% will not survive. Around 20% will have lasting neurological damage, ranging right up to permanent paralysis and vegetative state. A horrible though, isn’t it?

In the USA a high percentage of married couples who have suffered the fatal drowning of a child end their relationships in an acrimonious divorce due to the ‘blame factor’. Additionally, in almost all of these tragic cases the family feel the need to move home, even if their relationship does manage to survive.

Children must be constantly supervised when swimming - this is one of the most important aspects of Pool Safety. The more people there are in or around the pool, the more supervision is necessary. You must assign one person who is dedicated to watching the children, and if that person leaves the pool area, they must pass the duty to another responsible adult (a sober adult who can swim and has learned CPR)

Swimming lessons provide an excellent opportunity for kids to become self-confident in the pool, but the ability to swim is not a guarantee against drowning. Kids of all ages constantly test their abilities and try out new tricks. An accident can happen at any time and once again supervision by a responsible adult is key to pool-safety.

Pool water must be completely protected whilst not in use to prevent drowning with a Safety Cover, Security Fence, or a Safety Net. In the USA, Australia and France, to name but a few examples, every pool must be protected by a fence, cover or safety net by law. In many other countries there is a legal requirement to protect any pool that is not 'for the exclusive use of one family or household'.

This means that all Community pools, all pools at properties that are rented to holidaymakers or

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