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Jack Straw

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Jack Straw

Longueur: 167 pages2 heures


The turn of the twentieth century brought a stampede of change to the western territories. With the end of the Civil War and the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, a new society began to take shape in the once Wild West. Trade, travelers and women flocked to the West in droves, seeking opportunity and a chance for fresh beginnings.
It is late 1900, here in the territories of Arizona and New Mexico, where the lives of two men become intertwined by a storm blowing east and the rail rolling west. Jack Straw, a cowboy-cum-miner, is again late to a dying western trade and finds himself stuck in another fading boom town. His fortune takes a turn when he crosses paths with Shannon, a tramp, who by way of Texas and parts east, has set his sights on an unknown future in the west. Together, they navigate the dark underbelly of cow towns, saloons and hotels along the Southern Pacific, each heading toward their ultimate fate, a half a mile from Tucson.

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