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The New and Improved Man

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The New and Improved Man

Longueur: 123 pages1 heure


Writing a mesmerizing self-help book can be tedious. Maybe a book needs to be published on how to write a self-help book. This artistic piece is organized in a “Q and A” format. Imagine yourself sitting in a boring classroom, facing a dull professor and listening to him give you some life coaching advice, and teaching you how to get a life, while he tries to figure himself out as well during the one hour lecture.

Section One is all about women, love (or not), relationships, and all the hard stuff. Section Two is about work, career, and the stuff you probably don’t really want to think about. Section Three is about lifestyle, general wellness, and the cool things you may want to read about first before reading the other sections.

This classical little piece was written years back as a mini blog project. Then I winced in disgust and told myself, “I am just going to create a mini e-book and post this little baby on here with an overall goal of adding useful words of wisdom into the hearts and minds of all species living on this planet earth.”

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