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Your Neighborhood Gold Mine: How to Make Amazing Profits From Gold and Silver That You Buy for Pennies on the Dollar in Your Own Community

Your Neighborhood Gold Mine: How to Make Amazing Profits From Gold and Silver That You Buy for Pennies on the Dollar in Your Own Community

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Your Neighborhood Gold Mine: How to Make Amazing Profits From Gold and Silver That You Buy for Pennies on the Dollar in Your Own Community

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May 17, 2013


Every day in America and around the world, ordinary people who have taken a little time and effort to educate themselves in a few basic skills are making very profitable discoveries.

On the following pages, you will learn where to find the virtual gold mines in your cities and neighborhoods.

You will learn how to identify items made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You will learn how to determine the percentage values of these metals and how to negotiate their purchase.

You will also learn where to sell precious metals for either the quickest turn-over (same day), or for the greatest profit per transaction (98% of the market price), whichever suites your preference.

Within this book you will find out what tools you will need to identify the metals you are looking for, and how to use these tools.

The author has packed this book with the information gained from countless hours of research combined with his own very successful personal experience.

He also shares methods and insights that he has developed himself--that you cannot learn about anywhere else.

The greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind is happening right now. Fortunes are being made by people who educate themselves and take action in specific fields of endeavor.

The previously owned precious metals market is one of those fields. The window of opportunity has just opened. But it will not be opened forever.

The time to educate yourself and take action is Now!

This is The must-read book for serious Urban Treasure Hunters!

May 17, 2013

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Your Neighborhood Gold Mine - David Conner


How to Make Amazing Profits From Gold and Silver

That You Buy For Pennies on the Dollar

In Your Own Community

David H. Conner


Published by:

David H. Conner at Smashwords

Copyright (c) 2013 by David H. Conner


All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book.

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While this publication is intended to provide accurate and useful information, it is sold with the understanding that neither the author, nor the publisher, nor any of the marketing affiliates associated with the distribution of this book are engaged in the rendering of professional, legal, or financial advice.

The above agents specifically disclaim any liability for the use or application of the contents of this book.



How to Use This Book


Gold and Silver in Your Own Neighborhood

Tools of the Trade

a) Pocket Magnifier

b) Gold and Silver Testing Kit

c) Digital Jeweler’s Pocket Scale

d) Weight Conversion Tables

I) Troy Weight

II) Avoirdupois Weight

III) To Convert

Other Tools and Supplies

Identifying Gold

European Gold Marks

Location of Hallmarks on Precious Metals Jewelry

The Colors of Gold

Gold Karat Value Chart

Identifying Silver

Identifying Platinum

Identifying Palladium

Unmarked Jewelry

a) Rings

b) Pendants

c) Necklaces and Chain Bracelets

d) Earrings

e) Brooches

f) Watches

Studio Produced Gold and Silver Jewelry

Visual Clues

Counterfeit Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold Filled and Silver Plated Items

Selling Gold Filled Items on eBay

Gold Electroform

Gold Filled

Rolled Gold Plate

Krementz Jewelry

Pocket Watches

Other Gold Plated Items

Dental Crowns

Plumb Gold


Silver Plate

Distinguishing Silver Alloy from Silver Plate

a) List of Things To Look For as Evidence Of Silver Plating

b) List of Things to Look For as Evidence Of Solid Silver Alloy

Household Silverware

Silver Hallmarks

a) American Sterling

b) Coin Silver

c) British Sterling

d) Silver Plate

Marks Indicating That an Item is not What You are Looking For

Common Makers of Silver Plate

Weighted Sterling

Testing Precious Metals

Your Acid Testing Kit

a) Testing for Gold

b) Gold Testing for Dummies

c) Testing for Silver

d) Effect of Potassium Dichromate on Precious Metals

e) Effect of Potassium Dichromate on Base Metals

f) Testing for Platinum

g) Testing for Palladium

Acid Testing Instructional Video

Where to Hunt for Treasure

a) Yard Sales and garage Sales

b) Yard Sale Days and Times

c) Types of Sellers

d) The Competition

Classified Ad Clues About The Nature Of a Yard Sale

e) What to say at an Amateur Yard Sale

f) How to Buy Sterling Silverware Sets For Cheap

g) Some Numbers to Help You Calculate Your Offer

h) Selling Options Other Than Scrapping

i) Gold and Silver Coins

Estate Sales

Flea Markets

Thrift Stores

Antique Stores

Shabby Chic Boutiques

Other Secondary Market Venues

Paying Competitive Prices

The Process of Evaluating and Buying Precious Metals

Where to Sell Your Precious Metals

Preparing Your Precious Metals to Sell

a) Selling to Your Local Buyer

b) Selling to the refinery


Affiliate Advisory

Be advised that this eBook provides links with other websites or other online locations that offer products or services. These links may be components of affiliate offers.

The purchase of products or services after following such links may result in the payment of a commission or other compensation to the author of this publication.

You should exercise due diligence before making any purchases or entering into any commitments based on the influence of recommendations or endorsements presented herein.


As you read through this guide, it may seem to you at times that the subject is a bit complicated. Perhaps you will begin to feel that there is a great deal here for you to absorb.

The fact is, there is indeed a lot of information here. I have made every effort to pack this book full of the knowledge you will need to enjoy maximum success as an Urban Treasure Hunter.

But you do not need to understand everything in this book to begin having success. With an understanding of just a few fundamentals, and with a bare minimum of inexpensive tools (that you may already have), you stand an excellent chance of making your first exhilarating discoveries.

Even after gaining the initial knowledge that got me started on this path, I was so inept in the beginning that I bought a lead charm bracelet at a thrift Store, thinking that it was silver.

This mistake is laughable to me now. But it was a learning experience. I never made that mistake again. And it is worth noting that in spite of this mistake, my first pick was profitable, because during that same visit to the Thrift Store, I also bought a Mexican Bolo tie for cheap that was made with unmarked sterling silver.

This, and successive experiences, quickly gave me insights that written words, no matter how masterfully presented, could not fully convey.

This is a focused work. I am presenting far more specific information on the useful tricks and subtle nuances of precious metals sourcing and identification than I have ever seen in any one publication.

It is the product of countless hours of investigation and study, both online and offline, followed by the application of what I learned. These applications--these actions-- led to new observations and more questions, and thus to more research, and so on.

The knowledge and the methods I describe in this book work. During the Yard Sale season prior to this writing, I purchased five Sterling Silverware sets and partial sets for between $75 and $500 each (the $500 set also came with a coin collection loaded with silver coins). I then sold the silverware for an average of more than 700% profit.

I have also purchased many thousands of dollars worth of gold and silver jewelry, isolated pieces of sterling silverware, gold and silver coins, bullion, dental gold, and a small quantity of platinum.

I paid anywhere from 75% of market price (Spot Price) to less than 5% of market price for these metals, and most of it was in the latter category. All of these purchases were made according to the terms asked for or agreed to by the sellers.

I turned around and easily sold these precious metals to a ready market at prices far higher than the average person knows is possible.

How to Use This Book:

I do not think there is any more powerful way of learning than through a combination of theory and practice. And so this is how I recommend that you use this book. Read it through. Then go out and take some action.

Later, as your actions give rise to questions, use this book as a reference guide. Review the subject that is related to your question and you will surely be amazed at how much better you understand it the second time through. You will also have much greater retention of the information when it is connected to your experience.

I further encourage you to let this book be merely the beginning of your Treasure Hunting education. There are so many branches and subdivisions of specialized knowledge related to collectibles and valuables in the secondary market that one person could not

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