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How to Raise Back Yard Chickens: 38 Tips to Raising Chickens & Ducks

How to Raise Back Yard Chickens: 38 Tips to Raising Chickens & Ducks

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How to Raise Back Yard Chickens: 38 Tips to Raising Chickens & Ducks

45 pages
21 minutes
Jun 5, 2013


It seems like it should be so easy to raise those cute little baby chickens or ducks. I thought so too until I lost the first 8 chickens to a fox, spent $200 on a coop my chickens wouldn't use, and shattered my heal cleaning up soggy stinky straw. I also tried to raise ducks along with chickens and found that was a big mistake.

After several years of making my own mistakes I listed the things I learned in this book so others wouldn't have to loose pets and waste time and money. It is important to buy the right food so the egg shells are not too soft and the chicken die. It is important to know how cold or hot the environment needs to be so it will live. It is important to know the preferences your animal likes so it is happy. This book covers all the points you need to know.

Jun 5, 2013

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Mary got interested in the backyard chickens several years ago and ended up with 60 chickens and 30 ducks. Learning some hard lessons like loosing chickens to foxes, prompted her to write this book.

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How to Raise Back Yard Chickens - Mary Hallgren


38 Tips

About Raising Chickens & Ducks


Mary Barnyard Chick




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Don’t Cross a Chicken with a Duck

Copyright © 2013 by Mary Barnyard Chick

ISBN No: 978-1-301-30121-8

Thank you for downloading this eBook. You are welcome to share this information with your friends. I hope you will enjoy having backyard chickens and ducks as much as I have.

38 Tips to Raising Backyard Chickens

Having animals in your backyard that are more than mere pets is practical and part of the new sustainability. Yes, there is a learning curve to having chickens or ducks. At one time, I had 60 chickens and 30 ducks and made all the mistakes. I wrote this so you can get the most out of your experience and save you time, money, and effort.

When you see those cute little chicks and ducks at the farm store, it’s tempting to get one of each. However, buying what is cute can set you up for failure later, mainly because you probably won’t want to have both at one time. .These quick tips can save you hundreds of trial and error dollars.

1. Spend time with them if you want them as pets.

Chickens make interesting pets. They are smart curious animals. If you hold them and spend time with them when they are young they will like your company. For tiny baby chicks you can buy a small lap nest for the kids to hold then. My son-in-law in Arkansas used to get one every year at school for 4-H as a baby chick. As it got older it would sit on the end of his bed and wait for him to wake up — especially since it always ended up being a rooster! Sooner or later it

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