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Great to Excellent; It's the Execution! Overcoming the Natural Barriers to Profitable Company Growth

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Great to Excellent; It's the Execution! Overcoming the Natural Barriers to Profitable Company Growth

Longueur: 127 pages2 heures


Roadblocks to corporate growth don’t just “happen.” They’re a natural part of the process. All the vision and determination in the world can’t prevent them. If you aren’t properly prepared, these barriers will slow corporate growth or bring it to a screeching halt altogether. They could even take your entire enterprise down the tubes.

Fortunately, these barriers are predictable and not at all insurmountable, when you know what to look for and how to focus on proper execution of the right plan. In his new book, Great to Excellent; It's the Execution! – Overcoming the Natural Barriers to Profitable Company Growth, Jim Alampi, coach to CEOs, executive teams and Boards of Directors, spells out specifically how to spot each major hurdle long before it approaches and the steps you need to take now, to leap each natural barrier you reach.

What Others Say About Jim Alampi:

“Jim has a proven formula for integrating the framework of The Execution Roadmap© with guided strategic sessions that challenge the thinking of our executive team, while also building a spirit of collaborative teamwork. With his help, we have been able to increase our focus on the few key initiatives critical to our success and align our organization not only to achieve our goals, but to sustain them.”

-- Jack Witwer, CEO Kalas Manufacturing

“Jim has enabled us to see our current way of doing things and has taken us through The Execution Maximizer® process of discovery as a company. We are now developing a more proactive approach to our strategic opportunities and getting ahead of the challenges we face. Jim makes us think about our traditional business in new ways that has allowed us to modernize our company. Jim's approach is straightforward and fits well with our entrepreneurial mindset at Sanimax. As a seasoned business leader Jim has brought us a perfect blend of corporate leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.”

-- Tony Galasso, President and COO of Sanimax Industries

“We are a 105 year old company and never have established core values, a mission statement or defined our purpose. Jim Alampi’s The Execution Roadmap© made it feasible and paved the way for our company to establish those key items for a company’s foundation. We have never felt more passionate about our core values, mission statement and purpose. Thank you, Jim, for making this feasible.”

-- Jill Duemeland, President, Duemelands Commercial

“Our firm has had a hockey stick growth curve for the past four years and as a result we outgrew a number of the processes and methods that had gotten us to where we are. Jim is helping us change that by introducing us to the strategies that he has spent years proving out as a CEO and advisor in businesses in many industries. Our team consists of some very talented individuals who have now committed to a handful of initiatives we all agree are our top priorities. Our organization has engaged Jim in an ongoing role to keep us on track and help us achieve our objectives.”

-- Chris Simchick, Principal Partner, SDLC Partners L.P.

“I would recommend Jim Alampi to any business owner who plans to stay in business. His practical, logical and systematic approach to running a business is invaluable. Jim has been instrumental in successfully moving us from one stage of growth to another. As a CEO, it's lonely at the top! You need to have a 3rd party, professional person in your corner. I wouldn't go back to running my company without the help of Jim Alampi.”

-- Crystal Halley, Owner & CEO, RE/MAX 100

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