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PYRTE 4 The Smokebox

PYRTE 4 The Smokebox

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PYRTE 4 The Smokebox

37 pages
22 minutes
Jul 18, 2013


A full constructional guide on building the smokebox, chimney and perch bracket for PYRTE the Pull You Round Traction Engine, complete with drawings and pictures to build this 1 and 1/2 inch plus scale traction engine.

It's the most inexpensive pull you round you can build and is aimed at the first-timer with its simplicity.

Requires the use of a lathe, drill and silver soldering with heating torches/blow lamps.

Jul 18, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

I'm an everyday English fellow in his late 60's who has a passion for model engineering in steam and writing.

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PYRTE 4 The Smokebox - George Hughes

PYRTE 4 - Building the Smokebox, Chimney and Perch

Published By George Hughes At Smashwords

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Building the smokebox

The smokebox door


Chimney saddle fabrication

Perch bracket construction


Contact me

Building the Smokebox, Chimney and Perch

The smokebox sits right at the front end on a real, full size, live-steam traction engine or roller and it provides five main functions:

1... Access to the internal boiler tubes for cleaning purposes.

2... A chamber in which a blast of steam from the exhaust up the chimney causes a partial vacuum below it and in the fire tubes - that way drawing air through the fire.

3... A support point for the chimney.

4... A place to attach the steering arrangement (although some engines had this mounted further back, actually sitting under the front of the boiler barrel – but we shall not be going down that road for simplicity’s sake).

5... Somewhere hot to fry your bacon and sausages or boil your kettle when it’s brew time.

In this live-steam model we need only two of those functions as it serves only to support the chimney and have the steering mounted under it, plus it also provides the necessary appearance of a conventional live steam traction engine.

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