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The Last Arabesque: Volume Two- The Long Hot Summer

The Last Arabesque: Volume Two- The Long Hot Summer

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The Last Arabesque: Volume Two- The Long Hot Summer

61 pages
1 heure
Aug 15, 2013


The second installment in the story of Kim Bastille, a young ballet dancer who tragically broke her leg. It follows her through a long hot summer in New York City as she deals with being in a long leg cast in a terrible heat wave. She also deals with the awful emotions and trauma of facing a career threatening injury. She discovers the counter culture and begins a long strange trip through the changing times of America in the 1960's. Her boyfriend is an up and coming music critic and this takes Kim places and introduces her to people that most people don't do. Think of Black Swan, meets That Girl, meets Forrest Gump.

Aug 15, 2013

À propos de l'auteur

Ann Kler has been writing stories geared towards very specific audiences for over 20 years. Ann's work has been read on the internet for years and is now available at smashbooks. feel free to email at annkler@yahoo.com

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The Last Arabesque - Ann Kler

The Last Arabesque – Volume Two – The Long Hot Summer

Ann Kler

Copyright Ann Kler 2013

Published at Smashwords

After spending two grueling weeks in the hospital with her broken leg in a sling Kim was glad to be home. A badly broken leg was heartbreaking for anyone to deal with but as a professional ballet dancer it was even more so for Kim. Not only was she dealing the pain and inconvenience of a broken leg in New York City, she also faced the prospect of her dance career being over after such an awful injury.

The pounding in Kim’s leg was merciless after the horrible trip up the steps after returning home from the hospital. She lay there on her bed trying to regain her composure taking in her surroundings in her bedroom. The window was open but none the less it was extremely hot. Barely a breeze came through the open window. Olga untied Kim’s right shoe and took it off her foot.

Oh my, it is so hot…. Kim exclaimed as she could feel her broken leg beginning to sweat inside the cast. What can we get you? Alice asked. How about something to drink? Kim asked. I made some sweet tea for you, how does that sound? Alice asks as she leaves the bedroom. Oh my, I can’t believe it, that sounds great Kim says as Alice leaves the room.

Kim lights a cigarette as part of her process of taking everything in and recovering from her trip up the steps. She tries to fan herself with her hand to cool off from the stifling heat. This heat is terrible, how am I going to be able to sleep like this? Kim asks as she tries to get comfortable. Alice returns with her sweet tea. Thank You so much… Kim says as Alice hands it too her. I watched you make it enough times that I thought I could make it for you Alice says with a smile. Kim takes a sip. Mmmmm, I guess you were paying close attention Kim says as she tries to relax.

The girls stay with Kim for the next couple hours trying to keep her entertained. Alice makes some sandwiches for their lunch, once again Kim nibbles at best. Eventually in early afternoon the girls leave Kim alone. Kim feels absolutely exhausted but the heat is so overpowering sleep is impossible.

Kim tries to relax in her bed despite the awful heat. She can feel her left leg sweating inside the plaster cast that covers her leg. Just a fan would be such a big help. Is this what I am in for over the next 4 months? Kim asked herself.

Kim lay there as motionless as possible through the afternoon. She did drag herself up to get to the bathroom but immediately went back to her bed and lay down with her leg up on the pillows. Every movement of the leg was excruciating, just getting it up onto the bed and the pillows was terribly difficult.

Around 4:30 Alice came home and came to check on Kim. Kim explained to her how bored she was lying all alone in the heat. Alice got the great idea of bringing her portable radio over and setting it up in Kim’s room. Kim welcomed any sort of distraction from the boredom.

Alice set the radio up and turned it to a station. Kim was hoping for country music as that what she grew up on in Alabama. Lately all of her music interaction had been music to accompany ballet. Kim didn’t care what it was, if it was something other than silence.

Alice suggested that they have Pizza for dinner. She could go to Joseppi’s and pick one up along with some wine. While she didn’t feel very hungry the wine and the company sounded like a great idea. Kim suggested going out to the living room, she had been lying in bed all day and wanted to sit up for a while.

Alice ordered the pizza and then helped Kim out to the living room. She helped Kim down onto the couch. Kim winced at the movement when Alice picked her broken leg up and set it on the couch. Maybe a pillow would be good Kim suggested painfully. Alice took a throw pillow and put it under the leg cast.

Kim sits watching the news on the TV while Alice goes to get the pizza. The war in Vietnam is on the news again and again Kim thinks of her brother Steve. The world seemed confusing to Kim, she had spent her whole life ensconced in her dance world, and she hadn’t had time for things like Vietnam and popular music.

In a few minutes Alice was back with the pizza and wine. After pouring both of them a glass of wine Alice gave a piece of pizza to Kim and had a piece herself. Again Kim just picked at the pizza. "You really do need to eat more, you have been losing

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