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One Room Cottage to the Richest Man

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There are numerous examples of simple men becoming one of the richest in the world, but the ultimate force behind their success happens to be self-belief and dedication to the work they are doing.

Sometimes, in exceptional cases, one gets rich owing to the prevailing circumstances and the opportunities one gets, but it does not always happen.

Inventing or discovering something new can make one rich but it is only a rare occurrence, once in many decades.

The story of the person that you are going to read is the story of a dedicated human being who enabled himself to become the richest man in the world during his time.

From One Room Cottage to the Richest Man is definitely going to inspire you. Enjoy reading the book.

Raja Sharma

One Room Cottage to the Richest Man
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Childhood and Early Life
Chapter Three: The Civil War
Chapter Four: More Success
Chapter Five: Carnegie as an Industrialist
Chapter Six: Carnegie as a Scholar and Activist
Chapter Seven: Views on Imperialism
Chapter Eight: Carnegie a Philanthropist
Chapter Nine: Death and Controversies
Chapter Ten: Religious Beliefs and World View
Chapter Eleven: Legacy and Honors

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