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The Grad Job Game

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The Grad Job Game

Longueur: 186 pages2 heures


Serious question.

Do you want to spend £9,000 a year at university to become unemployed?

I sure don’t.

With the world media disparaging the next generation, economic trouble and high rate of unemployment, people say finding a good career has never been tougher. Actually, that’s not true, if you are a Grad Job Player.

University is an amazing opportunity to change your life, no matter how shy, petrified or unsure you are. At university, I created a tried and tested method of becoming incredibly attractive to employers, called ‘The Grad Job Game’. It will go into detail the entire process, including interviews, psychometric tests, group exercises and even dealing with power plays from competition.

But it goes deeper. It will also show you why having fun and making friends is just as important. This isn’t a guide to become an interview robot, this is about become an awesome individual with the special ‘it’ factor. The book highlights several character traits that will help you become not just okay, but so employable that they would be crazy not to hire you.

Throughout this, you will see my own case studies, and I will tell you my story of how I got seven internship and graduate offers. The offers varied all the way from banking, marketing and policy. I am not a gifted student; I had average grades and terrible confidence. But with this game plan, I became a Grad Job Player.

It’s your turn now, so let’s play.

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